America Needs To Be Vigilant As The Deep State Stands Exposed

By Sharmini Jayawardena

UPDATED on 1st November 2023:

What happened in Gilroy, El Paso and Ohio in the United States on 4th August 2019, could be categorized as just the beginning of a phase of horrific events started by the Leftist Socialist Darwinist Globalist Democrats and their cahoots that comprises the Deep State.

These horrific occurrences of gunmen shooting and killing innocent people may be one of the tactics the afore mentioned have started, to do everything possible to try and defeat #TRUMP2020 from coming to pass!

On the other hand the Deep State and all of its many branches now stand exposed as groups like Judicial Watch and others, close in on them, revealing their insidious cover-up tactics, starting with Mueller, Comey, Stzork, and others who have lied to WeThePeople, on oath!

These are grave crimes!

The Deep State and the Democratic National Committee and their cahoots like George Soros who has now doubled his funding for the 2020 Presidential Election, are all running to save their sorry asses. Their direct targets are WeThePeople whom they despise and want dismissed!

Be aware and beware WeThePeople! The Evil Satanists are after you and will do everything possible to wipe you out.

By now WeThePeople should’ve formed their Committees of Correspondence and Safety as advised by the Founders in The Constitution which by the way, these Evil Satanists want destroyed forever!

WeThePeople MUST read and appraise themselves of the valuable contents of The Constitution which is there for their explicit protection.

Go forth and form your Committees of Correspondence and Safety, NOW!

WeThePeople, go forth and secure your Freedom that is so openly given to you in The Constitution! NOW!

Video courtesy Peggy Ann Price Mills of the group Crush the Council on Foreign Relations via Facebook.

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