We The People Own the Internet > say it like you own it!!!

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena

14th January 2021

When we use other people’s Apps for free it is accepted that we are using them at our own risk. In other words, you become the product when the Application is free. Yet, what the owners of these Apps must know is that the Internet on which they create these Apps belong to We The People!

The Internet was founded by Tim Berners-Lee, who created it on a Next computer. Born in London, England, and professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (MIT), he was knighted in 2004, by Queen Elizabeth. He said, “This is for everyone”, and at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics in 2012, it was used as a gimmick, lighting up the seats.

The computer was created by Charles Babbage. Born in London, England, a mathematician, philosopher, inventor, mechanical engineer, Babbage, an English polymath, originated the concept of a digital programmable computer. He is considered to be the “father of the computer”.

The Internet is the sole repository of We The People and We The People had better know this. Start owning the Internet and behave like you own it when you own a thing!

All owners of Applications 👉know that 👉We The People also have a right to our own opinion and to make our own opinions without these Apps telling us we need to be factual all of the time‼️‼️‼️

As recently as December of last year Facebook admitted that its fact check labels as they call them, are only but “protected opinion”, in response to the John Stossel defamation lawsuit against Facebook‼️ They tried there best to have the case dismissed with no luck.

Yes. That’s right Facebook, it is heartening to know that you have now admitted to the need to be judged by freedoms you yourself deny conservative patriots. That you have realized and admitted that there’s a very real fact and Right called Free Speech is more than real.

There is no necessity to be factual and follow the narrative of having to be factual just because you unleash a bunch of lame ass ‘fact checkers’ on us‼️‼️‼️

There is no necessity for We The People to keep being factual just because the owners of Apps demand we do so‼️‼️‼️ Are we in Hitler’s Germany⁉️

We The People are free and free people do not have to fight for their freedom coz they are free.

Of course we post our opinions and not facts. It is you 👉Facebook and other lamestream social media 👉who forced us into this fact posting mission to save your political elite cahoots from being obliterated.

Let us wait and see how these mainstream lame ass social media behave from now on.

Even as recently as last week, Pinterest stands guilty as charged for having deactivated and subsequently suspending Leafblogazine’s Pinterest account. Since the Application’s admin has called for reasons to reactivate the account, we remain in limbo, awaiting their decision.

Update: We were officially suspended by Pinterest as evident in the info shared in the meme below ⬇️

Instagram continues to censor our posts such as this one ⬇️ I believe they did so due to the key words “Election” and “Integrity” appearing within the body of the text‼️ This shows the Apps have a very banal system of fact checking. However, when I checked out the post just now, they have removed the instructions stating violations of their guidelines and reinstated the post ‼️‼️‼️ Are they reforming is my question⁉️ Are mains stream lame ass social media finally realizing they themselves stand to be judged by the very standards they judge others⁉️‼️

Pinterest claims we are spreading misinformation, disinformation and malinformation to there community. Who are they to judge if what we publish or post are anything ⁉️ They are only a tech company with an Application to be used on the Internet!!! There so called fact checking minions are worse!

It is none of Pinterest’s business if misinformation and disinformation exists in what we post or publish. They have no business acting nanny to we the people who are very adept at thinking for themselves and governing themselves. Our unalienable First Amendment right to free speech has in effect given us the freedom to our thoughts and actions. It is up to us to be responsible for what we think, say and do. It is for those who read what we share to judge us and not the business of Pinterest to do so.

If our thoughts words or actions are repugnant to anyone who reads our material, it is up to that individual to institute a lawsuit against us to find redress. It is neither Facebook’s nor any other social media site’s business to assume this presumptuous role, to tell us what to do when a perfectly smooth system is all ready in place for that. That being the law of the Land.

We The People patriots, you should know well enough not to follow the false narratives of these tech giants who think they can push us around and get us to follow their arbitrary rules when they have absolutely no right doing so. It is totally not within their purview to do what they have been getting us to do all of this time. Us patriots are not their chattel for them to demand subjugation from us. We The People don’t have to behave or act according to the straight jacket they’ve provided us with. Why don’t we put Mark Zuckerberg in the straight jacket coz it is he who needs straightening out!!!!

Social media sites being the tech companies they are, have no right adopting the role of an omnipotent god, demanding we obey their so called “Guidelines…”.

The path is cleared for all conservative patriots who have been suffering the worst under these tech companies’ strong arming, to seize the opportunity and sue these bogus companies through their asses.

We are finally freed from the shackles we have been shackled by all these years, People!!!

The John Stossel lawsuit proves that Facebook has accepted that their fact checking is only “protected opinion” in their own words!!! Ipso facto, Facebook has now accepted that we are all entitled to our own opinion and we were indeed entitled to it all along.

Here’s what President Trump was attempting to achieve for us in December of 2020 ⬇️
Late Tuesday night, President Donald Trump tweeted that he would veto the National Defense Authorization Act if it did not contain a repeal of Section 230. Section 230 is a portion of US law that offers broad safeguards that allow technology companies to regulate their own platforms. Since Twitter first introduced fact-checks to its tweets in May, Trump has been attempting to roll it back. #Bill #CommunicationsandDecencyAct #Confederategenerals #ConfederategeneralsArmy #Congress #Donaldtrump #FederalCommunicationsCommission #NationalDefenseAuthorization #NationalDefenseAuthorizationAct #NDAA #Section230 #Trump #Trumpisthreateningtoveto$740billioninmilitaryspendingunlessCongressrevokesSection230—theinternetlawhehates #US #USlaw #VETO

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