“Rules for thee and not for me”: Double Standards with Divide and Rule Policy

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena

Update: May 14th, 2022, Mass Shooting in Buffalo, New York, in grocery store. white man identified as the shooter. Police calling it : “Racism”.

Flashback …

Black man drives into a crowd of white people at Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, November 21st, 2021, Killing dozens of white people. Posted as anti-white rhetoric. Not called racism or a hate crime!!!

There are no two political parties in America as the socialist Darwinist Globalist Élite would like us “masses”, believe. There is one party of the RINOs and the DINOs. That being Republican In Name Only and the Democrat In Name Only.

Every aspect of our lives has now been mercilessly and maliciously conquered, infiltrated into and distorted by these two types of globalist elite.

Starting with the Corona Virus rules and regulations, the elite are seen openly violating, laws they themselves imposed on us, while meting out harsh reprisals and punishment on the citizenry that do not comply. The tug-of-war has been going on between those who dare to openly protest against their Draconian laws and those that hurl laws at the People, they themselves break at will.

Protesting being the unalienable natural right devolved on we the people by the Constitution.

Moving on to gender, this very vital aspect of our lives which requires the utmost sensitivity and privacy in handling it, has been brutally manhandled by these bunch of half wits. While none of their own children have changed their gender, it has become the miserable fate of the “masses” to endure and suffer.

The constituent of the Elite, those being the bottom of the pecking order of democrat parents are themselves seen forcing their children to undergo multiple surgeries and procedures to have their children change their gender from what it is, to something unrecognizable. A monstrosity!

Language corruption at its worst takes place right before their eyes with not as much as a hum uttered by these so called elite to alter the process. In fact they actively participate in bastardizing the English language. They take a word in the English language and totally distorts it at its very root. Words have been introduced to the lexicography at random, with nary a word about it. Politically correct, Racism, Critical Race Theory, (CRT), Islamaphobia, gender neutrality, transgender, social justice warriors, virtue signaling, are among the worst misnomers these totally misguided nonentities have exploited and hurled upon us!

The Vice-President herself is recently found engaging in word salad when asked about the situation in Ukraine by a reporter!!!!

Mathematics is their bane. Though they know how best to divide when it comes to divide and rule others, and multiply by having double standards. They want mathematics 🧮 to be taken off the curriculum for the “masses”. This being yet another policy of the elite having one rule for themselves and another for the “masses”.

Nancy the baloney Pelosi keeps doubling her millions each time she steals insider information on the stock market for her husband to trade on, making millions of dollars 💵 💸 for her.

Capitalism being a great system for them to make money from, but not a good thing for the “masses” to benefit from!!!

The two having the closest access to the nuclear ☢️ code, that being, Pedo Joe Biden and Nancy baloney Pelosi have absolutely no qualms about abortion and aborting other people’s children. These hypocritical Catholics carry on with going for confession and receiving holy communion, regardless.

Looking at these slimy globalists these days, like Pelosi who cunningly covers her face in a mask, George Soros and Hillary Clinton, you are forced to conclude that they are lacking in their regular dose of adrenochrome which they harvested from other people’s children they kidnapped and trafficked.

It could be that ICE is rounding up all the missing children and returning them to their parents. Or it could be that since the “masses” came to be on high alert 🚨 on this gross crime, these elite have gone under the radar about this worst of gross uncouth practices of theirs’.

For whatever the reason these globalist elite are looking hideous to the core right now. It has become an unbearable task to simply look at them these days.

In the area of education, they force and enforce banal CommonCore education on the children of the “masses”, while they themselves send their own children off to private schools to be educated, that require thousands of dollars in doing so.

The elite harass and bully parents and students through the school boards which impose their arbitrary, random laws on ‘racism’ on these “masses” via Critical Race Theory or CRT. This being tyrannical coersion on the part of the school boards, in direct contravention and violation of the Constitution itself.

How did the elite get their hands on these thousands of dollars they require just for their daily existence?! They came to acquire this privileged status on the backs of the American We The People who work hard for their money which is then syphoned off as taxes which go to pay 💰 these elite who occupy multiple positions of power in government, in multiple committees in to multiple years in office.

We badly need term limits on these elite in government. For, serving in office should only be but a service to be performed for the maximum of four years, after which they go back to their day jobs.

Who gave the elite these never ending arbitrary powers of tyranny that are abusive of their power and money? 👉🏻They themselves pay themselves their own salaries! So what do you expect????! This is worse than preposterous. This most unjustly and egregiously acquired privilege must be withdrawn from them with immediate effect. This being long over due all ready!

What were we the people doing all this time while these elite gave themselves their tyrannical powers to lord it over We The People? The sheeple are only just waking up to the realities of the gross injustices that have been perpetrated on them for years. The sheeple are only now coming to terms with the tyrannies that have been hurled upon them for this long!!!!

These horrendously criminal actions on the part of the Globalist Elite, on top of their Far Left Radical Politics like Defund The Police, Renaming Schools and Taring Down Statues and Monuments which are sacrosanct to Conservative Patriots, are NOT getting the Demoncrats anywhere except down the shute‼️‼️‼️

The Democrats better get their act together, or face BIG TIME LOSES at the Midterm‼️‼️‼️

For, the imposition of tyranny on We The People amounts to high treason. Such traitors will be vehemently brought to justice soon, and dealt with by the fullest extent of the law.

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