Attack on Waukesha, Wisconsin!! Stop these Dastardly Acts of Terror! Now!!!

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena

When I said let there be not a drop of blood 🩸 shed in the March towards eradicating Liberalism, Socialism, Communism and Globalism, I meant not a drop!

I had a plan and every time I put forth a part of that plan to be executed, those supposed to be in the counter culture, the conservatives, the evangelicals, to be more exact, would stymie the proposal put forward!

I proposed that we Ban Islam In America. I created a Petition with ChangeDotorg. Before long some one from the counter culture revolution had reported me and the Petition was brought down by the host!

I spoke on this at length two years ago in my post here.

Look, when I said Ban Islam In America, I didn’t mean for all time‼️‼️‼️

You could bring it down, clean up their act, and revert back to the original state by withdrawing that Executive Order and going back to the original state! Ever think of it?!

People think only in linear lines and linear terms, never in the nonlinear. For them, everything happens and remains a constant! End of story. This is very poor and puerile thinking on their part. Nothing in life actually happens in that static form. Life is forever changing and no one wants to look at life in the face. They all dodge it.

Thereafter, even though I mustered the courage to go on with my Movement, I had to move away from the word or idea of “bloodless.”

Many patriots were being subject to numerous blood letting assaults on them and their children, so much so that it was impossible to actually keep a count of them. You will find them if you search through the many posts I’ve made, regarding these brutal assaults against the conservatives,

We The People 👉For God’s sakes👉The Second Amendment gives you the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS, Not for nothing! It also means to have the courage to fight for and protect every single RIGHT in the BILL OF RIGHTS that are given as amendments to the Constitution.

Protect is the ALL IMPORTANT word here. Protect your Rights and in doing so, protect yourselves, your families, your property, your communities and your Country from those who are your assailants, your enemies ‼️

The problem is, not many of you understand the Constitution, the Bill of Rights or the Declaration of Independence, I’m sorry to say! Most of you have not even read it or taken the trouble to read it. Most of you quote spurious other documents on social media without going directly to the source! What did that adage say? That old adage still remains valid – “You can take a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.”

Today, we find the Left has weaponized almost everything that ever exists in our day to day lives! You did not see that coming did you?! I warned you then and I’m quoting it here once again – We The People of America Be Vigilant – As The Deep State Stands Exposed!

Just yesterday we saw the worse kind of weaponization to date – a car just driving through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin‼️‼️‼️

This happened last in the run up to the 2020 in California.

Now who does this l!!! Who does these kind of gross and violent crimes except for those who are engulfed in and embolden by satanism???! The so called leaders of these headless and heartless minions indulge in satanism and satanic rituals not for nothing. They imbue their minions with this scum culture. Then they turn around and watch as they go berserk. They laud over them, cheer them on, championing them. For, who in their right mind would maim and kill people whom they don’t even know?! This is total and absolute terrorism. This is how #fjb #fuckjoebiden #letsgobrandon #stepdownbrandon sets out to violently attack innocent people in a fatal bid to terrorize them. To terrorize American conservatives.

The Kyle Rittenhouse case did not go as they wished, with a guilty verdict!!! So, there you go they show their absolute power over you with a weaponized minion in a weaponized car barraging through a parade of grandmas and children ‼️‼️‼️

They are not even wasting bullets on you! Shame on us is all I have to say‼️

What did you think👉That they would turn around follow the Laws of this Land⁉️‼️ You are utterly and absolutely mistaken!

They stole the 2020 Election from us even as we slept under their very own insistence!

They don’t care a damn for your feelings while they want you to be about theirs, they don’t give a damn about laws and couldn’t care less if you lived or died. They are as un-American as they come and you now find that they don’t even want an America?! They simply want to re-create a third world hell hole with no rights or freedoms and liberties for its inhabitants, in place of a Great Nation.

Further, the Ghislaine Maxwell trial is in full swing and the dim turds 💩 will pull all the stops to distract us from that can of worms from spilling out in to the open!

Who’s allowing all this to happen on their watch👉The conservative gop good old boy RINO republicans and their sheeple‼️‼️‼️

Just because you look the other way when something gross is right there staring in your face, doesn’t mean it’s going to go away. We have definitely got to fight for ourselves, fight for our rights, if at all rise as a Movement to desist and resist against these traitorous violent criminals. The Law is on our side. The Rittenhouse case even proved that➡️The Right To Self Defense!

Rights don’t exist in the air! Rights become Rights Only when you act upon it, act based upon it, act to make it work‼️

But one factor is certain and that it that these Satanists who are traitorous, evil and violent will be punished with their very own medicine! That is what I see happening in the not too distant future. So, the more they throw violence at us, the more they will sink into the den of hell itself!

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