Ok People ! They are really coming for your guns now ! What are you doing about it ?!

In the Spotlight

By Sereniti James 

Leafblogazine has been warning you since 2019, that the criminals in office are only going to make life worse for you when the Deep State stands exposed. 

Why ? Because these so called representatives including senators are being well oiled and greased with fraudulent money being passed to them under the counter just to keep the constituents under wraps.

These ‘representatives’ no longer represent you. You should’ve known this for a long time. The problem is what is the tipping point at which the tables turn ? What must happen before the People become activated in to doing something to alter this position ?

By this I don’t mean taking to arms ! There’s a lot more that can be done before you reach that point. These actions that can be taken are all peaceful means of achieving the goal of holding your ‘representatives’ to task. To get them to do the job they were sent there to do in the first place.

I don’t yet see a single congressman or woman nor a senator rising up to the task and calling the traitors for who they are, especially for trying to take away your second amendment rights !

Today’s news reads like this –

“Senators Reach Agreement on Gun Control, Including Red Flag Laws to Take Guns from Law-Abiding Americans – Here Are the 10 Republicans Who Joined the Dems” – The Gateway Pundit 

These senators are:

“”The group on the release includes Republican Sens. John Cornyn of Texas, Thom Tillis and Richard Burr of North Carolina, Roy Blunt of Missouri, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Susan Collins of Maine, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Rob Portman of Ohio, Mitt Romney of Utah and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania.” – CNN reported.

The actual legislation has not been written yet.”

What are we going to do about this heinous crime these so called bipartisan or any partisan senators are about to commit ? Are you going to sit there and do nothing about it like lame ducks ?!

Leafblogazine has been repeatedly bringing to your notice the easiest of actions that we the People can take in this instance and instances such as this and that is forming your committees of correspondence !!!

Here’s the Minnesota Committee of Correspondence gathering in June 2022 to Restore Our American Republic, to ultimately present their grievances to Congress through a draft Modern Declaration of Causes.

We have been shouting from the hill tops about the importance of taking this action like the Minnesotans have done, to no avail. 

Nobody I see is making a move towards that direction !!! What is it that needs to happen before you take necessary action ?! By then you would’ve far surpassed peaceful means of action that could’ve thwarted extreme measures to be taken on both sides of the divide. 

By then you would’ve far exceeded ordinary recourse to justice that could’ve been achieved through simple means like gathering yourselves together and addressing your grievances in peace.

By then you would have reached the worst case scenario and much blood would have to be shed where no blood needed to be shed, at all.

By then you would’ve shed blood for causes that could’ve been resolved peaceably, not letting a single drop of patriot blood be shed like we have always wanted.

Leafblogazine is the ONLY existing online or offline group focusing on the truth and realities and the need of the hour. The rest are all feathering their selfish intent and their pockets. They will NEVER focus on matters that will lead them to receive blows dealt by social media to reduce their following. They will ALWAYS say words that will never ruffle the feathers on both sides of the political aisle. I’m speaking of those grifters out there. Why do you think the mainstream is not deleting most of these grifter sites ?!

As a result they will NOT as they have never done, achieve anything of consequence or of concrete value eviscerating change for the betterment for our entire Nation.

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