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By Sharmini Jayawardena 

It looks definitely like the Democrats are encouraging and actively participating in making America a lawless nation with all laws they create supporting those who are active criminals. All this achieved on taxpayer funding with no authorization to do so given by the taxpayer !!!

This in itself being a CRIME !!! Let’s take crimes from its very root cause and that being government overreach and government oversight. 

Just take a look at how George Soros, himself a world renowned crook aids and abets in the lawlessness of America. It makes a wild wild west movie pale in comparison.

These are the bandits on the run who willingly acknowledge and support crime when they are committed against their political opponents or their political narrative. This kind of disproportionate and biased thinking that involves government overreach in the least, by the corrupt Biden supporting judiciary, is all together unjust. Where is the justice when those who have falsely grabbed the right to govern are themselves the perpetrators of that injustice ?

The people who are now in government have themselves come to that position by illegal means. The 2020 Election was definitely stolen as evidence abound to prove it. What can we expect of liars and thieves but for themselves to support and promote lying and thieving in others ?!

What can we expect from these liars and thieves but daylight highway robbery of our very Rights ?!!!

They are here to pillage and plunder America. The Democrats and RINOs are here to deplete us of all of our well thought out and well established laws of justice created by our very Founders. They are here to rob us of our Natural Laws, God given.

They are here to rob us of our very resources financial and otherwise, by action and inaction as in the case of running the Country’s coffers dry by drying the very oil pipelines that convey the oil to the pumps.

Lawlessness in broad daylight has come to be the order of the day whichever way we look. Gender bias against heterosexuals, defunding the police against law abiding conservative we the people, threatening the security of  justices of the SCOTUS by challenging the sanctity and sovereignty of the judiciary, giving rampant license to illegal aliens to commit crimes, illegal immigration in itself being a crime, supporting open borders, the criminal intent of which being creating fake voters authorized to cast fake ballots, besides welcoming criminal gangs into the Country. 

What can you expect but this all out lawlessness from those who have come in to office by themselves having broken and floundered the laws of the land ?! What can you expect of those who have gone to extreme lengths of having committed and continue to commit crimes against humanity in the way they unleashed the genocidal Covid-19 Virus, and the resultant vaccines not just on America, but on the entire planet’s populace ?!

What did they expect to gain by derailing the economies of countless countries by creating and spreading the Virus on the world’s populace ?! They didn’t care whom they were killing and harming as long as they had their way and somehow came into power. The socialist globalist elite have only one intent and that is to establish the New World Order by a One World Government.  

Let us see government taking bold steps to eradicate lawlessness as in how Elon Musk has taken steps to remove trouble making employees from his organization, SpeceX.

The laws pertaining to America needs to be understood in its true context and implemented by those who have, in today’s case, appointed themselves to the position of having to do so.

If those in office today are unable to see justice and make justice prevail, then they must leave without us having to be burdened with the task of having to physically remove them from office.

Save us We The People the trouble of having to extricate you from your rooted positions. Please be like a tree and leave ‼️‼️‼️

Having to remove you unceremoniously from office is NOT what we desire nor what we want to see happen.

So do us all a favor, pick up your bag and baggage and LEAVE ‼️ NOW ‼️

Here’s more info evidencing lawlessness and how to nip it at the bud.

Let me tell you this much you law breaking Democrat and RINO criminal offenders 👉🏻 there are laws in America reduced to writing by the Founders of this Nation. We do not need your new fangled Disinformation Boards messing around when the Constitution of this Nation provides for and protects us from all of the spurious laws that are brought on by that many spurious boards that you can muster. They will NOT parse muster.

Are these bimbo politicians of the Biden Administration that bimboistic that they can’t understand the validity and the strength of the Constitution of America. The Constitution prevails over and above all meaningless laws they may bring about to address their spurious requirements. The Democrats’ requirements that sought to deny We The People their Unalienable Natural Rights.

See how the Biden Administration repeatedly spreads misinformation.

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