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By President-Elect Sharmini Jayawardena

Biden promised to find a solution to the CCPVIRUS and the border problem better known as the Illegal Immigration crisis at the southern border, in 100 days, of having assumed the presumed position of POTUS‼️

BUT and the big But is 👉🏽that Biden has failed in keeping both those promises to the American people ‼️

So, in the case of Biden and his Administration, it is a case of 👉🏽Promises made Promises NOT kept‼️‼️‼️

In effect it is time for Joe Biden and the entire DNC to leave the White House, considering that he came in to office, fraudulently‼️

In the face of looming evidence of Election and Voter fraud, (or irregularities), emerging daily from all four corners of the Country, there is no doubt that the TRUTH will soon prevail over LIES 🤥 LIES 🤥AND MORE LIES 🤥 that pervaded the entire Democrat election campaign in 2020.

I can cite over a dozen links to prove this is so. I will share the best of them, that analyse election Integrity, here ⬇️


If I may digress, just a quick comparison of the Twitter followers of Trump being 90,000,000 as against Biden’s putrid 30,000,000 shows us how lame this whole exercise has been for Biden and the Democrats.

Just take a look at the number of viewers watching Biden on any of his increasingly few and far between public appearances on YouTube ‼️‼️‼️ There’s definitely something wrong somewhere and that’s for sure‼️It’s hovering around 4,000 the most‼️ (Now that we’ve brought it to their notice, who knows what they might do to bolster the numbers‼️‼️‼️)

All we know is 👉🏽both numbers are surging‼️ The CCPVIRUS numbers of those being infected and of those dying of the Virus are both surging‼️



Similarly, are the numbers pertaining to Illegal Immigration 👉🏽Surging ‼️‼️






(And, what else are these Democrats good at 👉🏽You guessed it 👉🏽Creating fake ballots‼️‼️‼️ Tons and tons of them‼️‼️‼️)

With all of these mounting border crisis numbers, it is hard to believe that Biden and the Democrats actually cared about preventing the spread of the CCPVIRUS in the run up to the Presidential Election. They are supposed to have introduced the Mail-in ballot and Absentee ballot scheme presumably as a safeguard to prevent the CCPVIRUS from spreading‼️ But, the inimitable But is 👉🏽they are more than willing to introduce CCPVIRUS infected illegal immigrant in to America‼️

For me, the numbers don’t add up‼️ The thinking does not add up‼️ Nothing adds up, other than the numbers and facts that are antithetical to a successful future for the Country‼️ That, looms large‼️

The logic is simple to those who are observing,👇🏽one is counterproductive to the other! You can’t have open borders and also observe social distancing! You either do one or the other and not both‼️ It should be simple for Biden and his Administration, to follow, but sadly, Not! Though it’s a no brainer to us that it is so, considering the total lack of knowledge and gross abuse of facts, that pervade the Democrat ‘thinking‘ or the lack thereof‼️

But these Biden lead socialist democrats and pre-Biden lead democrats and RINOs, are MASTERS at maneuver and manipulation‼️‼️‼️

So it goes like this ➡️ the CCPVIRUS numbers are the PAST actions to propagate the fraud ➡️ the Mail -In ballot and Absentee ballot numbers are the PRESENT actions to propagate the fraud ➡️ the surge in illegal. immigration numbers are the FUTURE actions to propagate the fraud‼️‼️‼️ So, there you have it‼️

The Democrat Party is totally engulfed in and entrapped in this bubble that keeps them somehow immune to the TRUTH‼️ They also don’t know that ➡️TRUTH PREVAILS OVER ALL ELSE‼️‼️‼️

It is unnerving that the first in line to the nuclear ☢️ code should have no common sense whatsoever!! Now that’s more than dangerous ‼️‼️

This is going to be the downfall of Biden, his Administration and that of the Democrat Party and that of all of Socialism and Communism as we know it, for a very long time‼️

It is time to LEAVE‼️ NOW‼️

Your 100 days is up‼️


Written on 10th April 2021

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