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14th August 2022

By Sharmini Jayawardena

The January 6th (2021) patriots walked into the Capitol on that day because the doors were wide open for them to walk in. Having said that, it does not mean they committed a crime in walking inside the People’s House, either. 

What I like to know is by whose authority is the Capitol premises termed a “restricted building” ?? Restricted for whom ? Why are the American People prevented from walking into the very building that they themselves paid to build and continue to pay to be maintained on American taxpayer funding ?!

Why can’t an American citizen walk into his own House when those representatives who are warming the seats within its chambers and passing spurious laws are paid for being there only because the American taxpayer pays them to be there and are also supposed to vote for them to be there ?!

Moving on to my next point – that being, who planted agents provocateurs amidst the crowd of Trump supporting patriots on January 6th ? The FBI did. Here’s true evidence of it having done so ⬇️

Here’s more evidence disproving the media narrative of the January 6th protest and what actually went on there on that day ⬇️

Ergo, the FBI got its agents provocateurs to misguide and mislead the throngs of patriots who had gathered at the Capitol that day. It was a very insidious trap set by the head agency of law enforcement in the Country.

In the force of the momentum created on that day at the place, the crowd moved ahead. Suddenly, everything went awry and became very dirty and ugly with Lt. Michael Byrd of the Capitol police, shooting dead, unarmed four time air force veteran Ashli Babbitt.

I watched this happen myself and things became unruly I strongly believe, at this point. Thereafter Rosanne Boyland was beaten to death by another Capitol police murderer who was absolutely merciless in murdering her in plain sight for all other patriots to see on that day. Her name is Lila Morris.

On Monday, June 6th 2022, the Gateway Pundit released footage of Officer Lila Morris beating Rosanne Boyland to death. A total of five to six persons were murdered on that day, including Capitol police officer, Sicknick.

If indeed officer Brian Sicknick did die of “natural causes”, then it happened immediately after him having been assaulted short of death by his fellow Capitol police officers !! This reality and fact has now been brought to focus an year and half or more after the crime was perpetrated against him. Officer Sicknick’s next of kin claimed he was a Trump supporter.

There’s so much incriminating evidence been presented by multiple conservative new media organizations, but the so-called January 6th (Un)select Committee can’t see it. They are talking of gibberish that happened in another dimension totally alien to the Truth of what transpired on that day in that place.

The FBI not only planted agents provocateurs at the Capitol they also laid a trap for the Trump supporting patriots, so that they could put them into deep trouble.

The good question to ask is, why did they not arrest the Trump supporters  on that day when the supposed crimes were being committed ? Usually this is what happens when police loses crowd control in places where people gather overwhelmingly. 

But, no, this was taken to high command when high command decided this was a situation where they had a manipulative advantage over the Trump supporters who can be locked up and held under bogus assumptions.

So this is where the FBI took this innocuous event to another level. The patriots were arrested in the most egregious of manners from their homes even as they slept by swat teams numbering dozens who were armed to the teeth !!!

Why is the FBI now the worst culprits, when it comes to wasting public funds ? They took the entire Country through reams and reams of bogus presidential impeachment investigation which bore no validity in the end.

Why is the FBI so adept at wasting the People’s money like they do and not score the highest marks for actually enforcing the law ?! That’s because they are no longer the law enforcement agency they were meant to be. Rightly speaking, none of the agencies of government that were set up by the Administrative State ever did serve the Country and its People duly. They all MUST be DISMANTLED in time, once we have absolutely used them in setting all of the wrong they have committed back to right.

What happened at the Capitol building on January 6th was natural when you consider how a crowd of that magnitude would behave. There was no mayhem until the agent provocateur moles placed by the FBI decided to ruin it for the patriots. The patriots were caught unawares of this.

While some of the police waved them on in ahead,, there were others who laid siege on them and brutally attacked them for not having ever attacked anyone in the first place. Who ever does this ?!!! Whoever attacks people for no reason, for not having initiated any attack against them, but criminals !!! Yes, criminals with criminal intent do that.

I hold the Capitol Police guilty of criminal assault and aggravated harm and seditious intent when they laid siege, trapped and attacked the patriots on that day on January 6th at those premises of the US Capitol.

This was a planned and carried out attack on We the People of America. We DEMAND immediate redress and due recompense, including punishing with imprisonment or worse, all those responsible for this mass scale attack on Trump Supporting Conservative Patriotic We The People of America.

President Trump called on the Capitol to bring the National Guard prior to the event that took place at the Ellipse, but no, the Capitol was too busy setting a trap for the Trump Supporters !!!

Here’s ample proof of the FBI and its agents provocateurs doing what they very wrongly did on January 6th at the Capitol premises and adjacent area. .

I call SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI to the STAND FIRST for having refused the National Guard to the Capitol on 6th January 2021, when President Trump had called for hundred of them to be present on that day,

I call MAYOR MURIEL BOWSER to the STAND SECOND for having ignored the President’s request and for not having proper security for the thousands of We The People Patriotic Trump Supporters on 6th January 2021 to the Capitol. 

This criminal mayor now begs of Biden to provide her with the National Guard for protection from the illegal aliens who were brought into the Country by her own seeking and that of her President’s own seeking. She wants the National Guard to protect her from the illegal aliens who are now bused to her god-forsaken state, where they make all of these spurious and egregious laws, by the good governor of Texas, Governor Greg Abbott.

She was denied her request but she is been given some other recourse to her grievances. Where is the recourse to justice by the POTUS who by his very knowing wrongfully imprisoned We the People Patriots of America ?!

Muriel Bowser 👉🏻you are ‘progressives’ in ‘progressive’ cities ! Sanctuary cities ! Why are you behaving like you are the elite ??? That’s because you are indeed the ELITE and the elite have no place on this planet when they have used and abused one set of the masses to set them up against another set of masses !!!.


No raids on Mar-a-Lago nor any weaponizing of the IRS will suffice for you to bail yourselves out when that comes to pass, and we mean it for sure !!!


APPLY THE LAW EQUALLY TO THE 2020 ANTIFA AND BLM CRIMINALS WHOM YOU CHOSE TO CALL PEACEFUL PROTESTERS, NOW ➡️ to the January 6th patriots !!!! Having done that, return all Antifa and blm back to the prisons where they were imprisoned in, where they rightly belong, so that we can settle this issue once and for all, “EQUITABLY” !!! (Equitable being the go to trick word of the Globalists).

“There’s a big difference between equity and equality. Equality suggests, “everyone should get the same amount.” The problem with that, not everybody’s starting out from the same place…. Equitable treatment means we all end up in the same place.” Typically Marxist approach by Kamala Harris. 

“Equity means you should be given things based on race. You should be given favors based on race. Equity equals discrimination. It’s anti-American, it’s unamerican, it’s anti-constitutional, it’s unconstitutional. There is no constitutional guarantee that we all end up in the same place…reveals a distorted view of the Equal Protection Clause… not the equality of opportunity that the Equal Protection Clause guarantees.” _ Tom Fitton, President Judicial Watch

Watch at – 26:00 / 43:55

Your so-called peaceful protesters burned down public property, destroyed statues and monuments in multiple public institutions, destroyed valuable artefacts, incurring heavy losses to the states’ coffers, in the process of having done so. They destroyed public property which was erected and maintained on taxpayer funding. These are CRIMES AGAINST AMERICA AND CRIMES AGAINST THE AMERICAN WE THE PEOPLE. Bring them all to JUSTICE, NOW.

The January 6th Trump supporting patriots are the real peaceful protesters who walked through the Capitol building without damaging or looting any property and therefore not doing any harm to persons nor buildings. 

Those who caused trouble to take place, killing over five persons, committing murder in broad lay light in the case of two victims was promulgated by the collective effort of Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat Party, establishment RINOs and Capitol police, with the auspices of the Biden DOJ, as they wielded the muscle of the Capitol police, against the American We the People. 

You are all guilty of having committed murder in the first, second and third degree of We the People patriots. You are all guilty of wrongfully incarcerating and holding without proper access to legal recourse up to 850 or more Trump supporting We the People Patriots !

You DEMOCRAT SOCIALIST GLOBALIST ELITE find supporting Donald J. Trump, a crime ! Supporting President Trump is NOT A CRIME. KNOW THIS. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say so.

I call CONGRESSWOMAN MAXINE WATERS third to the STAND for having vigorosly and egregiously called upon her supporters to what she called a peaceful protest in Minnesota in the wake of the George Floyd debacle. Was George Floyd Killed in police custody ? Let the jury decide ! NOW !

The fentanyl addict George Floyd is held up as an example for young people to follow, by Maxine Waters and her ilk, who have rifely benefitted from the fentanyl menace that continues to plague the Country.

Maxine Waters is a disgraceful so and so who’s mother if I ever happen to meet I would ask her why she didn’t perform a Abortion at the time of her birth.

She’s a disgusting so and so who joined the Californian bandwagon of crazed greedy politicians of the Left who does NOT represent her homeless constituents. Shame on this so and so for calling herself a representative.

I charge you with all counts of inciting violence.

I call VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS TO THE STAND, fourth. If you call the antifa and blm peaceful protesters then you have also to either go to prison for calling murderers, looters, plunderers and arsonists peaceful protesters, or you MUST throw all antifa and blm back in prison where they rightly belong.


I hereby charge you with all counts of inciting violence and actively participating in and supporting crimes against America and the American We the People, by urging on your supporters to loot, burn, plunder and murder countless states and those who have had the misfortune of living in them.


I charge you with criminal intent to create a pretence of being a dementia patient who knows nothing of what’s going on around him. He is fit to be planted in the White House. So, he is presumed to be fit to do the job he’s being called upon to do. There are absolutely no grounds whereby you can claim ignorance of what is going on right before your very eyes, instigated by you yourself.

I charge you with wilfully aiding and abetting in all of the affore mentioned crimes committed by your menials whom you pronounce to being fit and able to run your Administration. Ergo, you are now held accountable and found guilty for all of the misdemeanours, felonies, crimes against America and the American People and crimes against humanity that your Administration and you have wilfully and willingly committed.

I hold you guilty of violating every Amendment to the Constitution, the entire lot of amendments constituting the Bill of Rights. 

Ergo, you have all united in willfully and willingly committing TREASON AGAINST THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND WE THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA. I hereby condemn you to hundred life times in prison with hard manual labour or death by public hanging, which ever you prefer.

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