Update: Death of Brian Sicknick, 6th January, Capitol, was Due to Natural Causes

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By President-Elect Sharmini Jayawardena

Here is the latest on the death of Brian Sicknick ⬇️


As reported in our previous post on this case, we are proven right, that Brian Sicknick died of natural causes or as reported immediately following his death, that he died of a heart attack. Now they say he died by suffering multiple strokes! It was also stated that he was a Trump supporter ‼️

Here is our first post on this:

And now they revert back and make absolute fools of themselves⬇️

So, there you go‼️ These crazy 😜 advocates of fake news reportage, viz., the Biden Administration, knows no bounds‼️‼️

At the time, Sicknick was said to have been a Trump supporter by his next of kin‼️

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