To Correct the Many Misleading Stories Relating to Tucker Carlson

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8th May 2023

By Sharmini Jayawardena

Update: Today 9th May 2023, I find Tucker Carlson has made a public appearance at an event of the Rainbow Omega in Alabam, which according to Slay News, article published on 7th May 2023, is, “a faith-based nonprofit that supports adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.” Don’t you think it is a befitting place for him to make his first public appearance from ?!

Tucker Carlson is NOT the great Republican stalwart that most claim he is.

Carlson is NOT a supporter of the real Trump Supporting Conservative Patriot. 

This is not going to be a long piece by me. As I shared to my post on Two Sides of the Same Coin, Tucker Carlson is trying hard to vindicate himself, and I’m repeating it, here. But, in the light of the greater harm he has caused this Country and its People, we need to have better accountability than just this from him for all of his many omissions and commissions that have impacted us very badly. I have repeatedly questioned the reason as to why he, Carlson, called the 2018 Election and 2020 Elections early ?! I asked in many social media fora and I’m asking here, once again, why did Tucker Carlson call these two Elections early ? Did Rupert Murdoch ask him to announce the Elections early ? In which case why didn’t he resign on that day ?!

The reality is that these GOP, Good Old Boy, RINOs have been shovelling the sh** for the Democrats for far too long. They thought it was going to be the same old, same old, once again. But they were wrong 😑. Things have changed even without them having an inkling of knowledge of it and they can’t understand how. They thought they were in charge as usual. But they are not ! And, the chips are falling in their disfavor.

We know by now that President Trump had asked his son-in-law Jared Kushner to make that call to Murdoch when the 2020 Election was taking a very drastic turn for the President. Jared Kushner made the call but Murdoch did not accept the call !!!

I have also read a few times where Carlson made anti-Trump remarks. Here are videos that Carlson himself did not show you. Why ?:

The new Republican Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, (R-Ca.), handed all video footage of the January 6th 2021 debacle, over to Tucker Carlson ! Why ?! Is he so lame as not to figure out a possible cutting of ties with Carlson by Murdoch for very obvious reasons such as the early calling of two crucial Elections, for the Republicans ?! Are these all RINO, (Republican-In-Name-Only), ‘Republicans’ ?? 

I believe the so-called newly elected Republicans to the House are all nothing but RINOs themselves, although they made a big fuss in the run up to the election of the Speaker. What have they done, towards gaining the release of the unconstitutionally held Trump Supporting Patriotic We the People of America ? What have they done to have them released from what is known as the American Gulag ?! Have they even bothered to visit these Patriots in the horrible conditions they are held in, after they were Elected to the House ?

Further, now that Carlson is out of Fox News, who is in possession of the video footage from the Capitol Police ? Is Rupert Murdoch in possession of them ? In which case, it is a gross violation of the rights of We the People Patriots who are now languishing in prisons, unconstitutionally. It is a gross violation of the rights of families who have lost their loved ones to this outrage against We the People, a violation which was created by Nancy Pelosi the Speaker at the time and her Capitol Police security in charge on that day. This is double jeopardy committed against We the People of America, which is punishable by none other than TREASON ! !

Since McCarthy is supposed to be in charge now, he is responsible for the safe custody of the video footage.  

Why has he not come forward to say anything about the footage that is so valuable to the patriotic political prisoners, since the retirement of Carlson from Fox News ? ? On a different note, how much did Murdoch pay Carlson, to go away ?

Besides this most important of issues to the Patriots, there are other instances where neither Carlson nor any other so-called conservative media outlet was able to do to muster the courage to support the Patriots in the immediate aftermath of the storming of the Capitol, with the exclusion of Leaf Blogazine. I had to literally appeal to these people and shout epithets at them to get them to see sense – that this is NOT an insurrection as the Democrats would want us to believe, to suit their narrative and their own political agenda. 

To name a few, Epoch Times, The Gateway Pundit, to an extent, Tucker Carlson and the lot were absolutely nonplussed on that day. To what end ? To please and to tow the line with the GOP, Good Old Boy, RINO narrative ?!!!  This fiasco has been going on for generations in this Country. They wanted this to be the final nail in the coffin of the conservative patriots of this Country, had it not been for the timely action by Leaf Blogazine.

I had to send a scathing attack to Epoch Times to get them to get their act together, to stop supporting the GOP RINOs without question. Preposterous to say the least. These are not journalists. They are just mouthpieces to utter the words and voice the opinions of political hacks. This is the insufferable political climate perpetrated by the likes of Lindsay Graham, Mitch McConnell and the like. 

Eventually, I wrote two posts giving the actual story, the true story, as to what transpired on that day as none of these media outlets were present there other than for UK’s, The Sun. I also got a lot of real time info from none other than Tommy Robinson. I had reason to believe these people, as I knew the Americans would be totally biased even if they were there on the spot. 

In 2018, I was following this woman from Georgia who was besotted with Carlson to the extent that she believed the Election results just as soon as he announced it and there I was appealing to her beseeching her not to believe his results but to wait until all of the votes were counted to arrive at a decision. Besides, I told her he’s not the person authorized to announce Election results. When I studied civics we were taught that the Commissioner of Elections was the authority assigned that task. She was determined and didn’t heed my admonitions to her, sadly, to our very detriment. I was utterly disheartened to find that I had been keeping the company of this kind of lame RINO voter the entire time, much to my chagrin.

How many media sites can lay claim to even having helped in the release of a single of the Patriots from prison, so far ? Well, Leaf Blogazine can. Check this out.

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