Two Sides of the Same Coin: Conservative Groups and Individuals Have Failed by Not Achieving Their Greater Purpose

26th April 2023

By Sharmini Jayawardena 

The time has come to question the role played by the many conservative groups and the individuals who lead them. These groups were created to provide basic needs in a period when there was a vacuum and a dearth in leadership among the conservatives. The needs amounted to informing people of their rights and freedoms and how they could protect themselves in hostile environments, which they found themselves placed in. Turning Point USA or TPUSA, is one such organization. Charlie Kirk is one such individual. If what you envision for a group of people is to bear true fruit, they must be adequately inspired by what you have to offer them. For there to be inspiration there needs to be a projection or vision of the future and an idea of the bigger picture.

Wikipedia is a Democrat site which literally slanders and defames all worthy conservatives. There are other Democrat sites that slander and defame conservatives including President Trump in the worst possible manner. Conservatives are never seen resorting to this kind of maliciously ugly abuse of political opponents, ever. That’s why they are the conservatives. Their democrat polar opposites, in every way however, are nothing but a vulgar disgraceful lot. The Democrat hierarchy spawns them calling on them to engage themselves in “the wrap up smear “, if you will. Well, we all know where that mafiosi ended. 

You check out what Wikipedia has to say about conservative stalwarts like Jacob Wohl or The Gateway Pundit and the first thing you read about them is “conspiracy theorist” !!! That’s citing just the mildest epithet these democrats, from the top to the bottom hurl at perfectly peaceful conservatives, just because they disagree with their politics.

But what does Wikipedia state about TPUSA –

“Turning Point USA (TPUSA), or Turning Point, is an American nonprofit organization that advocates for conservative politics on high school, college, and university campuses.[3][4][5][6][7] It was founded in 2012 by Charlie Kirk and Bill Montgomery.[5][8] TPUSA’s sister organizations include Turning Point Action and Turning Point Faith. TPUSA has been described as the fastest growing organization of campus chapters in America, and according to The Chronicle of Higher Education, TPUSA “is now the dominant force in campus conservatism””

This alone goes to show that Charlie Kirk himself is a grifter. He has carefully levelled himself in a niche where he is acceptable to the democrats while paying lip service to the Cause of the conservative hinterland. He catches them young and pumps the conservative teenagers with enough material to turn them into RINOs. No less ! 

This is why our onward motion has faltered and failed in every way. We have lost Election after Election with no recourse to justice. Do these rogues in fake garments even know how puerile and pathetic they truly are ?! Years have gone by with none of them having done what it requires to build up conservative morale and strength, but having done everything to bring down the conservatives. 

Tucker Carlson (btw, who resembles Charlie Kirk for whatever reason), has done no better, though he tries hard to vindicate himself, here. When he finds out that people are calling him out for calling the 2018 and 2020 Elections early, and wants to know if Rupert Murdoch authorized him to do so, he can’t take the heat. He drops out from Fox News. He leaves the organization that spawned him thinking he can erase his seedy tracks. There is no escape clause for those who have committed crimes against We the People. Elections have consequences, said that other woman whom we don’t hear much about these days for some reason. She’s supposed to be the vp ! For once she’s right !

Announcing Election results is the job of the Commissioner of Elections. Period. All and sundry are not responsible persons to be entrusted with that honourable task. Certainly not a task worthy to be carried out by a news hack. That’s who they all are. The media better known as the fake news media for aeons, is definitely not to be entrusted with calling election results.

Both, conservative and democrat citizenry are so lame as to watch these idiot boxes 📦, operation mockingbird style, in whichever form they come, drool over them and consider their words as being the last word on anything and everything. The news anchors and news casters are treated as if they were demi-gods by their sheeple following. They literally worship these hacks at the altar of media outlets. 

What’s going on with these conservative people ?! I guess the citizenry deserve to be abused in the way they are, by these crooks of the trade, because they supported nothing but. We the People have to buckle up and bear responsibility and accountability for being the inept weaklings they are. You can’t leave the task of fighting for the very existence of your Country, on the shoulders of one man, and that one man being Donald J. Trump. He will do it again if he has to, do it and win it this time, he will, not because of the conservative voter, but because of himself and because the conservative movement is changing course.

Charlie Kirks and the lot are a dying breed and they have shown all of us nothing but that. Not an iota of steering the course of matters have they ever been able to muster, nor been a part of. All they do is hoard their coffers with other people’s cash and ride the high horse pretending to be leading the gullible youth and the masses.

In fact, those who claim to teach students about freedom are themselves doing nothing about those from whom freedom has been robbed for trying to protect the freedoms of all of us. You lead by example. I am talking about the January 6ers who have not had any support from these conservative groups towards gaining their freedom. The January 6ers who are languishing in the American Gulag right now with little or no support for their release from wrongful, illegal and unconstitutional incarceration. Where are these students whom Kirk and Company are supposed to have inspired, when the call to action is really needed ?! The January 6ers and their families are sick to death of these Kirk types that Charlie Kirk and the like have spawned. 

Is the TPUSA membership given any training at all, about the need to understand their Country’s Constitution ? How do you teach people about freedom without teaching them the importance of reading, understanding and practising what is in their most valuable document ever ?! I’m writing this in the belief that this type of training is not been given to those who join this organization. I have arrived at this conclusion purely based on their response, or the lack thereof, towards those patriots less fortunate than themselves, who are in deep trouble right now. Those patriots who are incarcerated for no fault of their own, but for exercising their unalienable natural rights as citizens of America. I have arrived at the conclusion that the TPUSA membership is devoid of strength to show courage and respond aptly when the time arises.

Members of the  GOP have not been able to get rid of the very RINO chair, Ronna Romney McDaniel, yet ‼️‼️ Why ⁉️‼️ 

You can put the blame for all of this squarely on the CommonCore ‘educated’ useful idiots that the system has churned out for decades, on both sides of the divide, and whom the youth have decided to follow and worship just because they don’t know any better. 

The America First and MAGA Movements of We the People realists and Donald J. Trump, are coming and coming out strong, and there ain’t no one gonna stop us. To be precise, the bogus conservative groups and individuals have no hand in it.

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