A Millennials’ Breakfast 😊

Avocado Toast

Home cook: Sharmini Jayawardena

Serves: 2 persons
Time for preparation: 5-10 minutes


1 ripe avocado halved and destoned
2 pieces toasted bread
1 pip fresh garlic
2 wedges lime
Some chili flakes to sprinkle on toast
Butter to spread on toast


1. Butter the 2 pieces of toast liberally on one side.
2. Cut the top off the clove of fresh garlic and thoroughly rub the garlic on the buttered toast.
3. Slice the avocado while in the shell and scoop the pulp onto each piece of toast.
4. Give it an all round good squeeze of the lime.
5. Sprinkle chili pieces as desired.

Voila – Your avocado on garlic toast is done!


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