The Letter to My Star

Painting by an artist at Kirribilli Market, Milsons Point Sydney, Australia

By Sharmini Jayawardena

The less they love the more we see us loving one another, living for each other!

But will you still love me if I had nothing on me to call my own and were on the streets while you walked the walk and talked the talk as I heard you say once on one of your radio shows.

I sit by a stone on the street and I wonder if such a wonder too can exist! As that! As such! Will you even notice me if I were seated on a stone by the street with nothing on me. I wonder and I still wonder.

You sing like no other.  Like no other, bringing out all the passion in your heart and your soul and it conveys a special meaning to me. Like you are talking to me. No, singing  to me. To me and me alone.

You are etched in my heart.

I ask the shop keeper to top up the volume so I can hear you well. You are my idol!

The other day I saw you arrive in a fancy car to pick up the lady who lives in the house right in front of where I sit on this stone and ponder at times.

My heart kept skipping many a beat and suddenly it was beating to the rhythm of your music. Your songs. It was an awesome feeling.

I’m not jealous though. I just can’t be, because the lady looks after me well. She gives me left overs and sees to my well fare in general.

She was dressed in a most beautiful magenta silk saree worn in the latest style as I’ve seen in the bits of newspaper I pick up once in a way, and in the magazines tossed for recycling.

Whenever I pick up a mag I browse through it from cover to cover.

Her hair was gorgeous. I can’t quite see if you are holding her by her hand or around her torso. But it is quite close.

You look so good. Both of you look really very beautiful.

Anyway I have decided to write this letter and I’m getting it written by the lady’s sister with whom I am quite close as I’m not so good at any written language and even if I did you wouldn’t understand Street Speak I’m assuming.

One never knows the experiences artists of all types may have had. Or the really good ones can imagine for themselves and project any scenario or type cast any character.

You are one of them I know. But I’m not willing to take any chances as I need this letter to have no ifs and buts and no doubts.

I’m not going to use your name or mine either as I don’t want it to cause any problem to you in case it falls into other hands.

You are a popular Super Star I know. But you are My Idol and more. I can’t hide what my heart and my whole entire being feels for you. I only want you to know this and also that you speak to me directly through your songs. Even on days I may have to skip a meal or two I hum or sing your songs and I’m not bothered about a thing. The love and affection you convey to me reaching deep into my soul gives me the happiness that nothing can give me.

I imagine you close to me in the lonesome hours of the night and I’m calmed knowing that you’re always with me. My dreams say that one day in an unbelievable turn of events we will be living our lives together as one life, happy in having found each other and then I won’t have to imagine any more. It will be real. I know your heart from the songs you sing and I know it is not impossible either.

My heart is pure and I’m not unclean for being on the steeet or anything. I know it’s a big dream. Some would say a pipe dream. But for me it’s all too real.

Here’s to a life filled with love forever and ever. You are my world. You are my everything. May you be protected by all the powers that be and may we live happily ever after!


“CUT”, the Director shouts out!

The two of them besotted with each other on and off screen, drive in into the twilight hand in hand!

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