Thor: Ragnarok, the movie 🎥

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Movie Rating: 5/5

By Sharmini Jayawardena

This Marvel movie began with Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song playing in the background hinting at the deeper theme of an option for earthlings to relocate to a different planet or go back to earth being imminent.

What I brought back with me having watched this 2 hour marvel of a movie are:
Firstly, one should leave other’s to fight their own battles.
One should not lose sight of one’s own aspirations and goals and go for it and
You must engage even your enemy to fight on your side to achieve your closely held beliefs. In this case the Avenger Thor even decides to call themselves, the new group, The Revengers!

The plot works itself out like a usual Avengers or Super Heroes movie or I like to imagine vintage comics. But quite not unlike as well.

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I was amazed at how Thor moved from dimension to dimension like I had imagined recently going into the epicenters of planets and galaxies and universes!

The villains in this movie were the Grandmaster who appears in the form of a hologram most times and the other was Thor’s half sister Hela who are both destroyed by Thor and The Revengers.

It is not without humor either with Skurge one of the bad guys who end up being the executioner of Hela who plays with words like naming his two weapons looking like a sophisticated version of the M16 rifle Des and Troy “Together they destroy”.

He however redeems himself when he uses them to fight on the side of the Asgardians by firing his weapons at the army of resurrected ancient dead warriors.

My fave stars of the movie are Chris Hemsworth as Thor of course, Idris Elba as Heimdall, Anthoney Hopkins as Thor’s father Odin and Mark Ruffelo who brings in some comic relief to the movie when it is most needed. Not forgetting Hulk! Yep, Bruce Banner was there too as Hulk!

The movie ends with Thor finding out who he really is and that is the God of Thunder and he totally lives up to it. He realizes his hammer which is smashed into pieces is really not what makes him who he truly is!

Oh and Thor some how ends up with one eye!

On this rare occasion Led Zeppelin has agreed to share one of their songs in a movie! Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin.

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