My Mother: Irene Marguerite Jayawardena*

                                                                              Irene Marguerite Jayawardena

I’ve been thinking
of you much
more than
two years
have passed.
I’ve been thinking
I wish you lived
up to your
true potential
while in this life
coz you get one life
or so they say.
I wish you
sharpened your
many talents**
and let your
passions blossom
forth into
this starved planet.
You had it
in abundance
All within you
and it’s a shame
you let it all
go to waste or

Instead, we, your
Daughter, myself,
and my kids, Your
grandkids and
definitely – your great grandson,
will show this world!
what you could have
shown them:
the total free spirit
of expression
in our own way.
We hope you will be

My tears keep flowing
deep within me
for you almost every day.

Yesterday, The Hollies played: “All I need is the air that I breath/
Just to love you” on my radio,
The radio you got me
hooked on,
from the day
I was born,
or almost!

I thank you immensely
for giving me that gift:
The gift of reading and seeing
through songs played on radio!

It has now gone further:
I’m now reading into
The playlists
Created for me
by My very own,
Angel Fairy!

In loving memory of my mama, our aacchi and aacchimama, on approaching four years of having lost her.

*Irene Marguerite Jayawardena, wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother. She graduated with a Diploma in Home Economics, from Lady Irwin College, New Delhi, India,
She was lecturer in Home Science, Maharagama Teacher Training College, Maharagama, Sri Lanka.
Irene Marguerite Jayawardena was a teacher, inspector of schools, lecturer and head of the Department of Home Science, at the Maharagama Teacher Training College, in a career spanning over 25 years of service in the teaching profession.

Born in Beruwala, Ceylon, (Sri Lanka), 19-02-1919. Passed away in Hong Kong, 22-01-2014.


By Sharmini Jayawardena

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