The Kirribilli (pop-up) Market…

By Sharmini Jayawardena

…at the foot of Milsons Point train station, North Sydney, NSW, Australia, is a hive of people involved in a vast array of artisan pursuits, who have put up their wares for sale.

Handmade artisan soaps to carved roses and flowers of soap, hand-printed pictures of pen and ink which tell you a nifty story, glass pendants, artisan rye bread, sand-filled door-stays, nicely packed, (featured in the picture above), hats and handmade boots for kids literally made with kid glove leather, items made of cork, home-made lemonade, handmade chocolate, cool paintings, vintage artifacts and pixie🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️ paraphernalia are but some of what was up for grabs.




It was a veritable feast, satiating all of your senses! Once the discerning admirer had done the rounds, basked in all of the exhibits and made their purchases, they could treat themselves to flavourful delights from around the planet, really. I picked Mexican and enjoyed it very much. A musical trio kept you entertained as you savoured your meal to your heart’s content.



I spoke to some of the folk running the stalls and found not all of them were selling their own. Adrian having been one of them who did sell her own work, pleasantly surprised me when she said she was from Cheras, KL, Malaysia. She was kind enough to direct me to – Mamak’s, the best roti Cennai shop in town, down Chinatown, Sydney, where the chefs gave you a ravishing display of how this delectable was actually made with all of the fanfare involved, the line of those waiting to be served extending right down the street


Little Noisy Miner, Adrian



My own purchases – Artisan Camomile Soap and Pixie items

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