Living Thru KL II


Cruising in to KL
Nothing’s the same
malls mega malls monster malls
Digital mall!
cubic art on the face of it
Floor upon floor of Hi-tech gigamatix
Zipping in and out of malls
like surfing the web on the internet
Rip Curl, Quick Silver, Billa bong
Bada Bing your way into oblivion
Sex toy shops
Surfer dude, go to –
Prada, Fendi, Armani, to
Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo
DKNY to Calvin Klein
to Esprit, Chanel and Gucci
Harley Davidson!
an A – Z of the Hi-fashion scene
Labels to eat from, Labels to drink from
Labels to wear, Labels to wear and tear
A tattoo artist brands you with
the label of your choice on the street
A chick on roller blades waving out
leaflets outside this mall
A gigantic pierced tongue ring
showing upon the slide show poster
across the street
skin heads, mohawks, bi-coloured, tri-coloured heads bopping in and out
Rail tracks criss-crossinrg around
whizzing past
taking you from mall to mall
a gazillion movies at a time in cinemas
now showing
Where’s my gourmet hawker meal
I say for the googol-io-nth time
I’m starving…




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