Smart Apps And Start Ups: Is It Time To Go Home?

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“In general, we are interested in a fundamental study to see how physical interaction and chemical reaction contribute to making phenomena complex.” – Building one molecule from a reservoir of two atoms. L R Lui et al – Science 2018.

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Smart Apps and Start Ups: Is it Time to go Home?

Where ever you look online about these emerged new areas in technology we see nothing but complaints upon complaints about how difficult it is to work in these places.

The ‘bosses’ of these companies, who try their best to merge with the ‘staff’ and work like co-workers, still appear like micro-managers or perfectionists demanding back breaking work from the employees.

Yet, these are the new tech companies of the ‘hi-tech age’.

We are baffled, nay, befuddled about what might be going on.

These companies pay fairly good salaries, are known for maintaining a non-corporate culture of management, in that, the structural hierarchy is bent, well, not broken.

Their work environments are much better than those in Luddite banks or some places like that. You know, those mainstream corporate work environments.

They are popping up and have been popping up in all sorts of places on the planet, starting with Silicon Valley, USA.

Some of them have their very own cafeterias with their own kitchens and others offer meals, great meals at that, and sometimes two or three meals in a given day.

The idea💡 is to keep your mind on – their job, 24/7/365!

They equip you with laptops 💻. Some of the staff even have The Laptop, that being 🍏

This is so that, not only will you work at work but also work from home! Whatever little time you spend at home, that is.

But, come on, what’s up with these places and these people?

Obviously🙄, we are not really there, are we? I mean, we have simply attached the term hi-tech to something that is yet emerging. Haven’t we?

If we are really hi-tech, we need to be having a good time and not working our asses out there.

C’mon, give me a break!

Everything is still really very cumbersome, routine, grueling and hard to attain.

In other words, we are still in the stage of the industrial, where technology is concerned. That’s for sure.

10 Reasons Why Start Ups Fail here.

My feeling is that we need to go software and only use hardware to create the software, which will be nano level in every aspect of life.

We need to abandon hardware even like that of automobiles 🚗🚕🚙🚌 and airplanes ✈ and adopt a very simple method or methods of carrying ourselves from place to place, if at all.

We take anti-gravity rides in X-Sports theme parks. But we are still sending bulky, “Heavy” rockets🚀 to space!

When will we come up with a configuration to break free from this gravitational pull and simply fly off to space🛸

Well, may be I’m creating my own imaginary scenario here, but it is time we stopped using humans for slaves.

If something’s worth having or attaining, it should be easy breezy to have.

I’m happy 😀 to here scientists are in the process of developing this life for us soon.

This is not a sci-fi movie📽🍿 coming soon to a theatre 🎭 near you anymore. It’s soon to happen In Real Life and are we ready to embrace it?

Considering what scientists have discovered, uncovered, lately, there’s no denying the future is set to go:
Two atoms combined in dipolar molecule.

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