Secret Patterns – Now, in Graphene‼️

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena

The secret to life may very well be in discovering and decoding already existing secret patterns that float around in the atmosphere. In, tapping into these through our dish antennae, which are none other than our very own perfectly spherical heads beneath which lie our brains🧠‼

If we look 👀at our many inventions over the many many years, they almost always follow existing patterns in nature. Simple examples being, a mechanical crane being representative of a dinosaur🦕🦖, may be, or even the military tank being representative of the movement of a millipede❗

There are lots of other patterns in which we have followed nature, in the invention of new designs.

Graphene, the latest of inventions in the area of materials, being the new kid👦 to join the block. The repeated hexagonal patterns in graphene, being representative of a cell structure, possibly?

As the researcher👨‍🔬, Mamoun Taher, who was able to produce it in the mass scale, ready for use in the manufacture and in the application of many areas, says: The challenge has been to scale up graphene’s outstanding properties from nanoscale at laboratories to macro-scale at industry without degradation.”

Graphene is a one atom thick two-dimensional carbon material. It is flexible, 200 times stronger 💪than steel, is environmentally accepted, the solvent being water💧 and not hazardous chemicals, with applications in the electronics and the telecommunication industry‼

Now, Graphenematech, a start-up in which Mamoun is CEO, has put out into the market, Aros Graphene, which has many other advantageous properties.

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