Sri Lankan Lamprais @ Serendib Restaurant & Bar, Kuala Lumpur

Update on 06 July 2021. The components in an original delicious parcel of Lamprais are: Ghee rice, curried chicken cut into cubes. Like wise pork / mutton and beef, seeni sambol, brinjal moju (pickle), its very own style of blachan (crushed dry prawn) and frickadels.

Anything short of this or more, does not auger the name Lamprais.

The last time we had Lamprais from Serendib the food was unbelievably chili hot and we complained about this to the management.


Treat yourself and your loved ones to a delicious package of our awesomeness. Let this be Santa’s special delivery 🎁 to you.

Sri Lankan lamprais from Serendib Restaurant and Bar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, comes to you as a special promotion for the Season. A deliciously cooked bundle of tasty rice, accompanied with scrumptiouly prepared chicken, prawn, and out of this world – fish frikadel, brinjal, ash plantain and more, wrapped in a banana leaf.

Just try it! You will be hankering for more!

*Lamprais is pronounced without the ‘S’ sound!

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