A Poem

A Poem

28th March 2019

Because he is a worm, and not a bee
in search of nectar
he could penetrate the deep purple
calyx of her stiff petalled orchid
hidden away amongst the lush dark
greenery amidst emboldened
logs, to be her levid sharer of
untold dreams.

He alone would make that journey
amidst such wanton shades of
bright hues and mottled motif
all glistening and opaque. Soft
sided and smooth with odour of
unbearable crushed insect juice,
secretions that, release the urges of
forgotten, unknown instincts.

He was after the guiey feel of
the warm muddy moist inside
the calyx.

Written on 23rd April 2006 by Sharmini Jayawardena

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