Ideally source your food from organic labels 🏷,  genuine farmers markets, your home gardens and or by foraging.

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena

The next time you go to the grocery store, make sure you do NOT reach for these unhealthy, life extinguishing brands that give you contaminated franken-foods that rob you of your health and your life, if consumed!

Do NOT buy these brands at any cost! For the good of yourself, your family and for the good of humanity, please STOP 🛑 sustaining these unhealthy and life threatening Companies, which unfortunately have been around for nearly a millennia, unfound!

They have been found out now, for who they truly are 👉Makers of garbage 🗑 that KILLS! It is no wonder that all of a sudden the world became full of people dying of cancer, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and on and on! Diseases our forefathers never had and never knew existed, because they didn’t!

All these quick fixes and pathetic excuses for food came about with the appearance of Monsanto in particular! The notorious evil producer of chemicals most notably, the herbicide glyphosate / RoundUp, that ruin our health and the ecosystem, and GMOs that when digested by humans cause numerous diseases. People were so fast to embrace easy ways of getting their food into their stomachs, not realizing the easy ways also carve a gory path! Processed fast foods, ready-to-eats, ready-to-heats, junk foods and the lot, belong to this category of gory-foods! They definitely carve the way to the cemetery, albeit  a horrific path at that!

Embrace the alternative – make your food from scratch, which is made with healthy and ethical choices you make yourself, that gives you no mean deal of pleasure prepping them. Leaf has quite a few recipes of food we make ourselves, tried and tested to bring you great 👍 happiness. Check out our Gournome for these recipes. Believe me, you will create a lifestyle all your own for yourself, that others envy.

Stop 🛑 wasting time crawling around malls window shopping 🛍 🛒 before you make your own dish for your dinner 🥘 🍴 🍽 at home. Once you’ve made your dinner, you could always spend your time window shopping, all you want! Bring back the zest into your life and you will marvel at how the quality of your life improves!

Certain practitioners of medicine have likened the environment inside our stomach to that of a rain-forest. What used to be referred to as gut flora, now referred to as your microbiota. Imagine destroying this wonderful system by poisoning it with these additive ridden/poisoned foods 🤔 😭 You are born with a perfectly healthy gut that you burn up like burning down the forest by taking antibiotics, antibiotic ridden factory farmed meats, vegetables and fruits! Once you destroy your microbiota, it could take up to two years to recover it!

Your microbiota
Your microbiota

According to Carol Garnier Dutra of the Facebook group, Millions Against Monsanto:

The 5 most important points for a person to remember about GMO and non-GMO food crops sprayed with Roundup/Glyphosate are the following:
1. Glyphosate (and Glyphosate residues on food crops) kill via the chemical ‘Shikimate Pathway’ in both plants and in most bacteria, which includes your good gut bacteria where a large portion of your immune system is located. Kill off your immune system, and you are ‘open’ to infections and illness including cancer.

2. Glyphosate is a Monsanto patented antibiotic, it is through the antibiotic action of Glyphosate residues in Roundup sprayed food crops that kills even more of your good gut bacteria that sets you up for antibiotic resistance.

3. Glyphosate was originally patented as a metal chelator. When you ingest Glyphosate sprayed food crops you do NOT get the minerals in these crops that would be present in food that is grown through USDA ORGANIC guidelines. When my family went ORGANIC back in 2015, in our food choices my fingernails grew in strong. No more peeling or breaking nails. I can only guess that the same has happened for my bones because our bones depend on minerals just as our fingernails depend on minerals to be strong.

4. Glyphosate is now a patented herbicide because it ‘kills’ all plants and almost all bacteria it is sprayed on. The bacteria that Glyphosate will NOT kill are salmonilla and E.coli. When GMO grains are fed to cows, pigs, and chickens in CAFO’s these animals have the same experience as humans do, their ‘good’ gut bacteria is destroyed and in the good bacteria’s place the animals have, both salmonilla and E.coli bacteria take over. This is why so many of our food animals (CAFO* animals) are ill at time of slaughter.

5. All of the above apply to our pets when they eat food that contains GMO grains or oils. I have seen the result of feeding GMO cat food to cats we have owned. We did NOT know about GMO grain and oils then or the fact that some non-GMO food crops are sprayed with Roundup/Glyphosate at harvest time to dry them out. We learned and we are smarter now, I hope you are a smarter person now, too.

*Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation

Image from Artists Against Monsanto –

Image from Artists Against Monsanto –

Monsanto along with other companies like Syngenta and Cargill who are contaminating our food supply, MUST be brought down never to raise their ugly evil heads again! They have dared to ravage some of our most trusted and time honoured food brands like Heinz, Cadbury, Kellogg’s, Pringles and others. We need to bring these companies back to their past glory!

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