My Book 📖 📚 Collection

By Sharmini Jayawardena

Hi 👋🏽 yah, all you readers, writers and collectors, out there. Here are books 📚 📖 like you never imagined would happen, to the fore. At least I would like to think 🤔 so😄.

The brick  books are unearthed old bricks which have gone through many a bucket of water 💦 💧 🚿 while in a planter box 📦 that held an Antignon vine. It was salvaged, left to dry indoors for many months, then pre-soaked in a Clorox and water solution overnight before being cleaned with steel wool, an abrasive and water. Then they were dried outdoors.

Now, take the dried brick place it on a table lined with paper 📝 and paint 🎨 away, what ever fancies your mind.

Or is it 👉🏽Whatever your mind fancies ?

I would like my dear readers to come up with what my mind went through in creating these, what I would like to call, most imaginative books.

I shall give you a huge clue 👉🏽The words unite 👉🏽 Reading 📖, Writing ✍️, Music 🎶 🎼 🎵, Painting🖼, The Movies 🎥🍿, Sculpting , Building and Publishing!


Try unraveling this unique riddle and be self satisfied ☺️

About my book pot. I ravaged and pulled out a chunk off of the Chambers Dictionary which was left untouched for years! If you go to my post of 20th December, 2017, you will find these👇🏽 absolutely delightful ways of de-cluttering your home🏡 and even your life.

To get back to making the book pot – Just carve out a shape inside of a book that is some what dense, so there’s enough space for roots of succulents to thrive in. Make sure you turn a few pages of the book before you dig the hole. This makes it all very aesthetically pleasing. Glue up the pages of the book below the hole at random so that it will all hold well.

Fill the bottom with gravel, then take the succulents out of their pots with the earth in tact, and place them in a nice arrangement. Now fill the hole with earth to reach the top of the hole.

Decorate with pebbles and shells 🐚 and whatever you fancy. Voila! You’re book pot is ready.

Succulents need to be watered only when the earth in which it is grown dries up completely. Then water to wet the earth so that the roots have time and space to grow.

Now, for my miniature book! These are very exclusive decorative items, especially for miniature fairy 🧚‍♀️ 🧚‍♂️dwellings, abodes or houses. You could spread a mini picnic 🧺 cloth in the fairy garden and place the book there to add to its character.

I made this miniature book with the pages I’ve saved from yanking out the Dictionary. Stack a few pages and cut it out to around 1” x 1” x 1” rectangle with your paper cutting knife. Cut out a board to the same size. Paste a colorful paper on the board to create the cover for the book. Paste a white or any other self colored paper in size a little smaller than the board inside the cover. Now create the spine of the book by folding the printed pages and pushing them in to the folded space of the cover with some glue and put it in between two weights, so that the book holds together. Once it’s dried and ready cut out a title page for the cover. Mine is a decorative “Napoli”. You can guess at where I got that from, once again ☺️

So this is my book collection.

My next attempt is at making a book out of a book shaped box from the super market shelves. Wow 😲, I already have one that brought something in an online purchase 👏🏽
The title to this book is a secret.

Update on 7th August 2023: I’m doing some minor edits to past posts and I find that sharing my Box Book here, is long over due. 

I also have an idea 💡 of making a papier-mâché book for My Book Collection with the remnants of that Dictionary I yanked out😄

Will keep y’all updated.

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