When two planets connect

By Ginny Sophomore

Jupiter and Venus they were attracting each other’s energy and vibrations unceasingly but never colliding for colliding would make them all consuming. Colliding would destroy them and everything all around them.

They reached out to each other through energies they dispelled in each other’s direction. Nothing was wasted in doing so. Everything worked to achieve totality and wholesomeness.

They stroked their baldy heads that transferred positive vibrations, which in turn transformed in to real energy. This energy would bless them with everything they needed to survive in this universe.

It was an alien 👽 👾 stronghold. A stranglehold that never ended. And each time it happened, it was discovered and rediscovered anew. Nothing felt repetitious. In fact, the word and definition never existed. Words evolve when a definition is created from a certain aspect that exists. We bundle it in to a word and give it eternal existence. At least existence as long as the human reality exists.

Venus was a dainty and salubrious female form. Jupiter was the masculine in every way, with intellectual pursuance attached to its very being. Nothing in this universe could happen with out these two realities of Venus and Jupiter being present.

Jupiter would cuddle Venus as she hugged him and snuggled next to him, where he had created this wonderful place for them in each other’s coved embrace. This was as they reached the beach, settling themselves and docking on this place known as Earth.

They did not realize it was they who brought on the feelings of love and the intellect to the planet, without which, the place would be a hapless wasteful arid realm.

The liquid tasted salty. For the first time they felt the sense of taste. They suddenly felt their sense faculties tingling and being given life to, with the tasting of the salty substance. They smelled it like a myriad minerals. The very cosmic elements, which they later found had been spread to the place by the great crash of events out in the universe, in a long ago time, and numerous elements were scattered on this Earth.

They would even later, find out the definitions to these every element and nuances. They saw it with divine eyes. The liquid that smelled like minerals, tasted sharp and looked like molten lava as the Sun cast its light upon leaving it for the day by the end of day.

The molten lava however, felt like smoothened silk over their bodies. As it splashed against rough surfaces as on rocks, they heard the sound of clashing. This is now Venus and Jupiter collided with Earth. But softly.

Their collision brought on a certain disparity between Earth and themselves, but not with each other. So they explored in this place for a long time with no collision between themselves, in peace, love, harmony and vision or knowledge.

Had not “God” found them here, the two of them would’ve gradually found each other and their potential to procreate. The joint product of the species they would create with no challenges faced by them. There would never have been a fall from paradise that later procreations of the species were to learn of.

Venus and Jupiter, now transformed in to woman and man would carry on with absolutely no dichotomy. So, the negative as the species were to learn and find out later, would never have existed. This would remain true paradise indeed.

Venus and Jupiter had no necessity to hide their forms from each other or the rest of their evolving species. There were glorious fronds dripping down from the branches of trees. They could’ve covered each other with these. But there was no need for it. They were completely at ease with how they looked. They were transparent in their bodies and translucent in their minds.

This was a glorious existence. They would while away their time, settled on the meadows or swimming in the clear waters, listening to the sounds around them. Sounds which expelled from everything around and about, touching each other, which the wind that blew, created.

They took happiness in discovering and exploring the basic aspects that Earth was naturally endowed with. They were of want for nothing. Everything that ever were in this Earth was satisfaction enough. They never perused anything for its sake. They only enjoyed for what it was.

As long as Venus and Jupiter did not harken after things that Earth could not afford them, they were happy and lived forever happy in this place called Earth!

They got through worm holes trying to avoid being sucked in to black holes, in order to reach Earth. It is only but fair that Earth and all that it entailed, welcome the love struck duo with open arms and equally open or more than open hearts 🥰 ♥️ 💕 .

For, here is where love truly manifested itself. Love that was not known to any entity, ever before. This lofty wholesome feeling had to be nurtured and furthered.

To be continued.

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