So Happy For You

By Ginny Sophomore

The senior cop had become a somewhat permanent fixture in her absolutely divine life. Who said anything about body weight not being able to get you anywhere in the love department?! Who said overweight was anything of a hindrance in that area?!

She was enjoying the most glorious sex and oodles of love being showered upon her by this very protective of gentlemen. He protected her like he did his community: with grave concern 😊.

His attraction to her was based purely upon her largesse of heart and her copiousness of the flesh. She was humongous. All that flesh went to make for a great deal of never ending love making. It was the most important and the most fascinating of all proportions of it that went into offering so much of it that made it possible for so much of love to be made from it.

The saying goes something like, the more areas that you had got to explore, the greater the amount of love there was to be made. Or, the more of you that I have, the better it is for me 😄.

He couldn’t possibly have gone through the better part of her in one go. For, there was so much of it to be experienced, explored and devoured. It had to be taken slowly but surely and a bit at a time. So went their love making in parts unknown.

This being the most enticing of titles given to a book by her fave of all culinary wizards, tv personality and celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdaine! Now sadly, suddenly demised.

She had wanted to meet him and say to him personally how much she appreciated what he loved doing so well. Alas, it was not meant to be.

Digressions and all, but let’s face it, these and other such thoughts creep into one’s mind at random at the most unlikely of times. So did these thoughts meander it’s way into the furthest recesses of her mind, spicing up her entire experience with senior cop, Ebenezer.

Eben, as he was known in the short had nothing short about him. He was well endowed where it mattered most, much more than she had ever seen or felt by anyone else she had been with in her entire sexually active life!

It was as large in girth as it was long in length and that made up for lesser girth of body. He had much too much to offer. Each time they went for it, it turned out the best they’ve ever had. So much fun with so much variety that he had not experienced before. It took much longer to get where they were aimed at as well, for all that copiousness of the flesh would demand much more time spent on it.

She would rub him down with a wonderful oil with the aroma that mingled well with their bodily odors that gave it a much unknown scent of an aphrodisiac to it that they adored. He would take that fly whisk that she had been gifted by a discerning friend and work his way through every inch of her body, tingling her mind.

It was one heck of a hickey that was like no other. One muse of one monumental hug and endearing kiss! Life bequeathed itself on them like no other had ever known and no other will. Everything was bestowed upon them with great vastness. For, what was in it was the gravity of their feelings for each other that translated in to a great big amount of copious love making.

He had to wade his way through swathes of hot lava and mountains of hot barriers of melting mud. This is the feeling he got as he ravaged through her very minute vagina!

How could he have ever thought in the wildest of his dreams that a woman so voluminously built could have so minute a place of divine entry?! He had to stroke her and bite her and kiss her all over in every part of that frame of flesh in her, before he could be make himself welcome into those recesses of her’s.

The most telling of spots in her entire anatomy was her tongue which he bit with a twang that finally would open her up like never ever. Like a blossom blooming. When she opened up, it had the feel of all the blessings of an extraterrestrial black hole in it! It just sucked him in and knocked him out of his senses. He didn’t ever want to return from that place to where her vagina took him. He was there and he was going to be there like no other, forever.

Such was the power of her love making that her most arduous of all unending places could take you to. Or was it only he who felt this way about her?! Others who had been with her would possibly not have felt this way inside of her for if they had they would remain with her forever, wouldn’t they, now?!

These thoughts struck him like a shooting star and disappeared into an unknown place, once again to rest on where they were at, in that moment of seventh heavenliness. These thoughts only made all that they mustered within each other become even more satiating.

They awoke with a jolt of suddenness, with a feeling of having been thrown into another place, into the distance, where they had been tossed into for a long period of time! They emerged from here having been greatly sanctified! The hickey that no one had ever known. He would lick her and kiss her on that same spot slapping her there, after that, to wrap it up. The feeling was scintillatingly ecstatic. He would go about it with great ardour and cover the entirely of her body with this offering of love.

How glorious! How absolutely exciting! They had never been through such revelry before they met one another. Everything that ever went before and after they met each other paled in the light of such sexual oddity they engaged in with grave expanse and curiosity.

They never knew there was so much to be devoured in the course of every opportunity they got to enjoy each other. It multiplied as they ventured forth.

On other days, they would pour themselves a glass of the best of the best of the red and just look at each other or more like gape at each other from a distance! So, wild was their attachment for each other. It was wild when they were at it, gunning for each other and it was wilder than wild when they left each other severely alone! Who knew love had all of these forbodings that drew you into heights of gratification!!

Life was being absolutely benevolent with an outpouring of all the goodness it had to offer, where they were concerned. Life was being exceptionally generous with them for some unknown reason. May be because they gave of themselves eagerly in the course of carrying out their societal duties. They deserved to be treated heartily for what they dispensed on others. They both gave handsomely to each and everyone they had the opportunity of touching.

These were rare times indeed, when one’s giving and forgiving benefitted those who did well by others. These were times when the best of us would become the chosen ones to take the planet forwards to a blissful future. A future filled with everylittle good thing.

They were the forerunners and the forebears of this amazing future that mankind was about to embark on. They were to carry the world to its zenith and leave it there for all to enjoy experiencing it.

The two of them sprang to action leaving nothing to waste and leaving nothing for want to reach that place where they were one, with which they turned the wheels of life for all of the planet.

Amen 🙏

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