Taking A Walk Down Leaf’s Container Garden

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena

Gardening is a hobby engaged in for the pursuit of happiness of the gardener and those enjoying its beauty. Leafblogazine’s container garden is on level 8, with a minimum of sunlight. These are the challenges, faced by the gardener, in maintaining this garden.

The garden ornaments of all sorts are noteworthy. The silver wind chimes of silver cutlery is an online purchase all the way from Athens, Greece. Its beautiful chime when the wind blows and breezes through is music to the ears of the beholder. Its sun catchers shine brightly when sun light falls on the wind chime.

The plants were sourced from a nursery, as well as from foraging around the city. The plants include ornamental plants and some Asian herbs like pandan or screw pine, lemongrass and curry leaf.

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