〰️〰️➿➰➿〰️〰️ From Type Writer 📝 to Stove top & Oven to Colour Palette 🎨 to Sewing 🧵 Machine…

In the Spotlight

…radio 📻 and turn table, I’ve come a long way, let’s say, in expanding my sights and interests and writing about them on Leaf. Especially now, while I have time to stop ✋🏽 and ponder and wonder at yonder!

To some, the distance may seem unappetizing and bleak. But I see a bright and prosperous future waiting in store 🏬 for us to grab at and enjoy 😉 😊.

For this future to surface in this way, we must get to embracing AI and all that it entails without flinching.

It’s great 👍🏽 to hear people say they are working from home or home schooling with. no bother to them at all. I hope everything we do with everything that’s official in our lives will also go in the same direction without as much as a flinch.

Anyway, speaking of official, most of us are already in to internet banking, making all of our payments on utilities and settling the bills, online. Therefore, bringing the internet completely in to officialdom is only a step away. Maybe then all of those countless political cash cows will also be freed of over employing people.

Right now, to each available job vacancy in government agencies, there are about five persons in employment!

This is the time to prune your public sector and employ AI where necessary like at immigration counters where absolute objectivity is a necessity.

Even judgments up to a certain level of progress in the judiciary, on a given court case, must be made possible, by AI. Of course, no AI as they exist today, are able to make judgments involving equity or jurisprudence.

Now, haven’t I digressed much!

When we look closer home, our personal lives have been upgraded a notch or more by all of the Smart Appliances that surround us in our very homes, making our lives that much better because of them.

What we once depended on industry to supply us with, we are now able to achieve ourselves with no trouble incurred at all to us. Take the food processor as an example and the smart refrigerator.

We are back again in the times we were self sufficient in our own homes! And, that much more self reliant than ever before, with all of the smart appliances at our disposal.

Our smartphones alone are enough testament to lay claim to this.

Last night I missed watching Contagion, the movie 🎥 🍿, as I was off to sleep earlier than usual.

Edward Snowden is enjoying the Russian fresh air! I’m not so worried about him. Btw, we need to ask him the question 👉🏽How did he get there? And, can’t he contact the same sources to get Assange there?

I’m worried for Julian Assange who’s trapped in a cell in the UK!

Snowden apparently says there will be even more surveillance after the CoronaVirus pandemic! What a whole lot of hog wash! This pandemic has everything to do with China’s increased surveillance at hiding facts and numbers. There’s no necessity for over surveillance now. The damage is already done! I wish America had China under total surveillance, as they are always accused of doing, or we wouldn’t be in this shit situation now!

The pandemic will force humanity to do one thing and that one thing is ➡️ engage AI in key areas of human activity and AI only knows transparency and accountability! AI is certainly unlike their human sorry ass counterparts!

For a refreshing change, it’s good to see everyone under quarantine and ‘house arrest’, and not just the whistle-blowers! Now you all know what it feels like to be holed up. (Well, it’s not at all bad when you are free to move around in your own home). I hope all of the human population continue to be under quarantine, until such time they realize that not only the whistle-blowers but they themselves aught to do their part to bring transparency and accountability to our amidst!

Let’s start by stopping bribery and giving kick backs to public officials!

The pandemic showed us one ☝🏽 thing and
that is that no single country is all powerful as many claim they are! It is all in plain sight as to how ill equipped and ill prepared they all are. ‘Super power‘ has become a misnomer with the pandemic coming to the fore.

This easy lazy fast culture that had the humans in an eternal roller coaster ride has ended. The machine has stopped! At last we are able to, nay, are forced to measure up to reality!

The times when the Democrats used the tyranny of the majority to subjugate the rest are over and done with and ended. We aught to be grateful for that.

We The People, ➡️, the times when the Democrats put forward the likes of gnarly pass-his-sell-by-date Bernie Sanders and creepy sloppy sleepy Joe (Biden), are long gone! Aren’t we all glad for it⁉️

Possibly the first ever proper electronically held presidential election will take place on 3rd November 2020, in the USA!

I hope the American authorities are prepping themselves for a smooth transition, over from the manual to the digital, in this case.

We must all ensure that emergency laws are just that, put in place to work wonders during an emergency, and then are removed or repealed once the emergency is over and done with!

The easy lazy fast way of getting things done like slavery did for the Democrats long years ago and was replicated in the recent years, before COVID-19 came along, must end and end with no more plantations in sight!

Those KK-Klans of the Democrats, including ANTIFA, MUST be brought to a halt and erased from the face of this planet!

All tyranny MUST end and end here and NOW‼️

These are my very own ramblings…


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