How One Man Takes On the Botched System

By Sharmini Jayawardena

Here’s how Don Mashak speaks out about personal reprisals suffered by him at the hands of Capital One Bank, N. A., on account of its illegal and unconstitutional actions meted out against him. He exposes the actions made Illegal and unconstitutional by the “legal” system and the “monetary” system of America, on Lawless America. Don Mashak reveals how the Constitution has been overthrown by the System to violate the rights of the very WeThePeople whom the Constitution sought to protect!

One man takes on the botched American legal system that has over time moved from the Rule of Law as deduced in The Constitution under Unalienable Rights and Natural Law to Rule of Man as deduced in Common Law. Common Law is in violation of The Constitution and therefore Unconstitutional!

There is no law that is over and above the Constitution of America, in the USA. Read all about it here.

We all know the System is flawed everywhere in the planet. But, what are we doing to take this System to task? What are we doing to bring this system to justice?

Unfortunately, the majority of us are so mired in our day to day grind, eking out an existence for ourselves. This too a concoction of the System itself, that keeps us down and unable to think of and act on the important factors governing our lives.

Schools do not teach you about money. Jobs do not show you the way to retire early. Banks do not encourage saving. These are some of the core diseases of this flawed System.

WeThePeople MUST first make #TRUMP2020 a resounding success! A landslide victory!

Thereafter, we must bring down the dinosaurs 🦕 🦖 who have been Lording over WeThePeople and dominating Congress!

Imposing Term Limits on Congress is one step taken towards making our goal a reality.

WeThe People must then, bring in the new Representatives who are of the caliber of Don Mashak in to Congress. Along with him I can mention many names, Donald Trump Jr., Dinesh D’Souza, , Adam Andrezejewsky, Scott Presler, Montaga, Jacob Wohl, and many other We The People from the Veterans, Oath Keepers, The Tea Party, The Proud Boys, and other Patriotic groups.

Whether the Republicans like it or not, the CoronaVirus or COVID-19 has made a real dent in the System. Even worse, the Virus has dealt a severe blow to the System. The System seems to be on its last legs and that’s something to laud over. It was a sick System created by successive RINO and DINO governments.

With this phenomenal change having come about, both the monetary system and the legal system are threatened at their core.

We can expect much more to happen in the near future. These changes will finally make the wishes of all those who trudged through the System with more than a bitter taste in their mouths, come to pass. We can finally expect to see a bright future for all earthlings becoming a reality.

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