This System is as of Now, Downed!

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena

⚫️They supported and actively created and brought the Socialist Globalists in to power.
⚫️They watched while the Socialist Globalists carved out swathes of the world’s economy and all that it represented, and were manipulated into making China, King ‼️

⚫️They could do nothing while all their money was ripped out of their pockets and stolen away to fill the pockets of the Chinese who kept buying everything American, Australian, you name it, they bought it. While they kept being forced to buy, you got it 👉🏽‘Made in China’‼️ Which, by the way, is a BAD word today‼️

Who are they⁉️ They are the shameless majority of white populations of America, Canada, Australia, and all of Europe and the United Kingdom ‼️

These brainless POS have given their derrière on a platter for the Chinese to keep sucking on like popsicles ‼️

The Chinese leader says 👉🏽Nobody asked us not to ‼️‼️‼️

Since you could do Nothing all these years, but sit and watch while the Socialist Globalists raped your economies by converting services in to products, making practically everything on this planet there ever is for sale, to be made in China, and bring down your valuable manufacturing plants, jobs and industry to the ground, you deserve nothing short of the CoronaVirus, to put it lightly!

I thought the Chinese were the curse to this planet! But I was wrong. Those who gave the Chinese all the incentives and assistance to make everything in China are really those who are at fault, here. They are the true curse!

Even today, they are unable to help themselves as they still want to remain politically correct ‼️👈🏽👉🏽🤮👎🏽💩🖕🏽💀☠️😈👹👺‼️

UCK YOUR POLITICAL CORRECTNESS‼️It does not pay the bills ‼️ Try being ethical and moral for a change ‼️

Voting Donald Trump as President was a huge step and the only step taken so far in the right direction. But, beyond this except in the case of a few, and those too, found only amongst those who walked away from the Democrat Party, the conservatives who voted for Trump in 2016, yet remain helpless in the face of bare-faced tyranny perpetrated on them by those who demand that they remain 👉🏽 yes, you got it 👉🏽Politically Correct ‼️ This is utter hog wash‼️

Meme by Don Mashak via Twitter.

It’s almost as if the conservatives have lost their strength to protest. Protest doesn’t always need to be what we get from those “politically correct” minions from the other side of the divide – demonstrating in pink and rainbow coloured hair, going into spasms of delirium ‼️Protest can be genuine and be respectfully made.

Anyway, now it’s too late for the humans to protest or do anything of the sort as while they sat on their asses twiddling their thumbs, the CoronaVirus took over and is now forcing these humans to do what was always called upon them to do 👉🏽Be human! Use your brain 🧠 and take rational decisions.

While the Social Media fakes were busy shadow banning and universally unfollowing those who did not observe or more like obey their “Community Standards”, (My foot!), the CoronaVirus is taking its toll, making its rounds it seems around Silicon Valley and all of its tech moguls! Soon, Mark ZUCKERBUGGER, Jack A-Hole Dorsey and the lot will face bankruptcy and total meltdown 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Boy-o-boy, sit back and relax 🍟🎥 the fun is only beginning guyzzzzzz🤣🤣🤣

(Though as usual, sadly, the masses will pay with their lives to correct what has been put wrong by the rest of the planet!)

They will face mega hacks to their businesses as markets collapse and advertising fails to deliver the mega bucks!!!!

While you thought you were being empowered just because you had some thousands of ‘Friends’ on that social media app, you were actually a slave or a minion working your ass off so ZUCKERBUGGER and A-Hole got to live the Big Life while you were adequately distracted from addressing the real problems!!! What a shame!!!

The era of mega hacks, slashes and axes 🪓 has just begun 🤣🤣🤣, to business and employment, i.e., as Globalization becomes the ultimate casualty of the CoronaVirus.


Nesara Gesara, shared from Don Mashak.

Stay In. Stay Safe.

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