Know Your Constitution

In the Spotlight

By President-Elect Sharmini Jayawardena

Meme by Don T. Mashak

Far too much water has flowed under the bridge and far too little has been done in the months following the fake Presidential Election of 2020 ‼️

Those illegally in power at the White House right now and those in Congress asking unjustifiable questions about the occurrences of 6th January 2021, have to be taught about the Rights and about Unalienable Natural Law and what The Constitution and The Bill Of Rights affords We The People ‼️

For this reason and since hearing from first hand knowledge that Harvard Law School has dropped Constitutional Law from its first year curriculum, I am here to say that We The People MUST organize a Country wide Movement to take The Constitution to The People‼️

On hearing through first hand knowledge that Constitutional lawyers being few and far between, in spite of the very foundation of the Country being based upon The Constitution, behoves immediate action on this ‼️

On hearing from first hand knowledge that Judge Napolitano being the only constitutional lawyer that comes to mind, and those others among them, the few that be, “will not talk to the masses with out big bucks“, makes the urgency of this need even greater ‼️

In my belief, We The People MUST group together, even calling themselves ➡️ KNOW YOUR CONSTITUTION, and galvanize We The People from the length and breadth of the Country. May this be to make known to those occupying positions falsely and those of us We The People who are ignorant on Rights afforded them by The Bill Of Rights, the TRUTH about their Rights‼️

Even if this requires a door-to-door and person to person interaction, may it be so‼️ The need of the hour couldn’t be that much greater‼️

There’s much bogus brouhaha about the events that took place on 6th January 2021, with nobody or very few talking of We The People’s right to protest a Fake Election which is fraught with Election and Voter Fraud, that has gone unattended and unimpeded in the months, weeks, and days following‼️

The Democrats and RINOs illegally in power, right now, are instead, cunningly and wrongfully focusing on January 6th, calling it an armed insurrection and even having the gumption to have launched a fake and failed, impeachment attack against the former President‼️

What We The People MUST get them to focus on is ➡️Election Integrity and We The People’s right to a free and fair election‼️ Without which, no amount of mustering of numbers to vote in forth coming elections will bear any tangible results. They will all fall in to the category of ➡️yet another once again fraudulent election, ➡️absolutely meaningless ‼️

We The People MUST galvanize Country wide as a Group, by being present and representing We The People at each and every law suit filed by State Legislatures on Election Integrity, soon to be brought forward.

Since those Constitutional lawyers who seek mega bucks to address the burning issues of We The People re: The Constitution, cannot be relied upon, turn to Legal Aid, in this issue‼️

Through Advice gained from Legal Aid, create flyers and reading material making the understanding of the Rights afforded to We The People by The Constitution, easily conveyed.

Spread the information pertaining to Unalienable Natural Law as afforded to each individual citizen by The Constitution, by making them easily accessible to We The People.

Hold massive We The People awareness creating rallies, to give centre-stage to The Constitution‼️

Create eye catching online and offline memes and slogans that attract the attention of the “masses”‼️

Bring back the forgotten and foregone importance of The Constitution back to the fore‼️

Do everything possible to make The Constitution understood by one and all‼️

Bring forth the KNOW YOUR CONSTITUTION Campaign upon the entire Country‼️ NOW‼️

Good Luck 👍🏽 🍀 and God Bless ✝️

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