What’s Really Going On At The Border

In the Spotlight

By Richard Allen

It’s been roughly 90 days since the Biden Administration came into power. By any objective measure, the raw number of illegal aliens, crossing the borders has skyrocketed. So much so that no one has an accurate measure. And there is a reason for this; The Biden Administration isn’t talking about specifics. We’ve all seen Patriotic Senators and Congressmen and women on the border bringing attention to the issue. Let’s talk about what no one else is, because, this IS calamity in slow motion, brought to the US by “Not the Best or the Brightest.” Let me demonstrate this contention.

 The Great Society under LBJ

was a watershed moment in our country that seems forgotten. A philosophical change occurred that fundamentally altered the way America paid Welfare payments. Charles Murray in his book “Losing Ground” explains a key difference. Economic incentive was given to “unwed mothers.” For example, an unmarried mother of two would receive $160 a month before the implementation of Great Society policy changes. After GS changes, the monthly payment went up to $200. The State had given an economic incentive to remain unmarried, and rational people will take the money, every time. The GS has proven an Economic Absolute: If you want More of Something: Give it a Stipend, and if you want Less of Something, Tax it!

  We should all be aware that the Democrat Party has TOTALLY GIVEN UP ON MIDDLE-CLASS-WORKING PEOPLE (of all Races), INCLUDING UNIONIZED MANUFACTURING!  In order to help move America to “ONE-WORLD-GLOBALIST RULE,” it’s necessary to get as many people DEPENDENT ON THE STATE FOR THEIR DAILY BREAD!  Those poor vassals will be the most easy to control in a New Socialist World Order!  Middle-Class-Working and Producing Families, especially those who attend a “house of worship” regularly – ARE MUCH LESS LIKELY TO BE WILLING TO GIVE UP TOTAL CONTROL OF THEIR LIVES TO THE STATE!  But Broken, Dependent, Skill-less, Uneducated Masses from the Third World – will CHANGE THE ELECTORATE ENOUGH IN A FEW SWING STATES – TO GIVE THESE SOCIALIST ‘REVOLUTIONARIES’ or ‘Progressives’, THE POWER THAT THEY CRAVE!

  So, how again does all this relate to Illegal Immigration? The Biden Administration and left coasts meaning - East and West coasts of America, are offering financial payments to illegal immigrants. This is so simple to understand. Mexico and Latin America do not have the standard of living we do in America.  Everyone wants to come to America - Period. The Biden Administration, through direct proxies, has been caught handing out; Manilla envelopes with cash; plane rides to an assortment of exotic American cities, and what I like to call "the Drivers License & Social Security Card Forever Program."  Or, as known in the inner sanctum, the DLSSCFP! You know gibberish😄!  And it's estimated that at least 65% of Illegal Immigrants immediately go on Welfare! So much for “THEY’RE JUST COMING HERE TO DO THE JOBS AMERICANS WON’T DO!”

 Let's recap; Everyone wants to come to the United States. And all things being equal, people make decisions that are economically beneficial.  So 90 days ago, Biden upon taking office announced the bad orange man border policies are over!  At this point some readers may be feeling triggered.  I promise two things.  First, 'I'll be here with you the whole time.  Second, I suggest a nice warm glass of Soy Milk.  If the Administration's policy is to pay the people who wanted to come here anyway, to actually come here - well that's the perfect storm of hydrocephalic Anti American Policy. If the Biden Administration wants to keep We The People in the top 10 on their America First list, they'll have to slow up. 

 The Drivers License and Social Security Card Forever Program is an investigative journalists dream. It's straight out of Orwell’s "War of the Worlds" Radio Show, but in real time. The US military's C130's flights

within the US have increased by orders of magnitude, being, Executive Orders, since the Biden inauguration – AND MOST OF THESE FLIGHTS ARE DIRECTED TOWARDS “RED STATES”, meaning Republican states. The purpose is plain and simple: Change the voting demographics to favor “Welfare-State” and Democrat Give-A-Ways.” This is, sending impoverished people into Republican Communities, completing the Betrayal of The American People. My source for the Military’s C130’s nugget is Monkey Werx, who has been tracking everything military that transponds
while flying, for two decades. I suggest checking him out.

 The C130's are regularly going from the border in Texas to destinations in Louisiana and the coasts.  Flights also connect to many cities in the interior of the Heartland.  And these are just the military flights.  Which says nothing of all the illegal immigrants caught on video in civilian airports with manila envelopes of cash. Yeah, the administration is working REALLY hard to bring as many non citizens as possible in each day.  THIS IS A VOTER REGISTRATION DRIVE, PURE AND SIMPLE!  And Democrat “front-groups” like: Soros’ Open Borders Society, more rightly, Open Society Foundation, have their fingerprints all over most of these efforts!

 New York State has announced a bill to offer a one time payment of $16,500 to illegal immigrants who settle within their borders. And California is debating monthly payments to Illegals, which is of course the only American Press, (mass media/fake media), anyone listens to in the “Southern Hemisphere“!!! So much so that Mexico's President and Guatemala's President have begun openly criticizing the Administration for it's bizarre policies. Make no mistake, this is not accidental, THIS IS AN ON-PURPOSE VOTER REGISTRATION DRIVE SOUTH OF THE BORDER TO CHANGE THE ELECTORATE AWAY FROM “PRODUCING MIDDLE CLASS AMERICANS” (of all Races) TO POOR, DEPENDENT, ENTITLED DEMOCRAT VOTERS WHO WILL GIVE THEM POWER IN PERPETUITY!
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