In the Spotlight

By President-Elect Sharmini Jayawardena

Lucas Gerhard is an American HERO who pursued the conservative ideology that supports the Constitutional Right to speak freely about what he believes in, and to exercise his Second Amendment Right to protect that First Amendment Right‼️

21 year old Lucas Gerhard, a student of Lake Superior State University in Sault St. Marie, Michigan, MUST be freed from all accusations leveled against him. These accusations are all baseless and comes from a very cruel and deceitful place, that threatens to destroy all freedoms granted to Americans by Constitutional Right‼️

This rampant and arbitrary destruction of our Rights is the sole objective and aim of Traitorous liberal democrat TERRORISTS who’s primary and ONLY intent is to tare down America‼️

I call upon all American Patriots to rally round LUCAS GERHARD in these trying times, to make sure he comes out unscathed from this horrific situation that he has been so wrongfully placed in‼️ May all criminal allegations and records made against him be completely deleted‼️ NOW‼️

May Lucas Gerhard be set free from his tethers‼️ NOW‼️

Let us support his father, Marine Corps Colonel Mark Gerhard, so that he can meet all of his financial needs to fight his son’s trial. A trial he has been wrongfully placed in‼️

Our Prayers 🙏🏽🙏🏽 Are With Lucas Gerhard



Update: Sadly, the Go Fund Me page is missing from the Gateway Pundit link!

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