Of Gardens Within and Without – A Solution to the Virus

In the Spotlight

By C

I do not watch any of these news channels. News today is like processed food . It’s very dangerous . It creates, feeds, bias and prejudice. It’s fast food processed for the mind. There are scientist like that too . They process fast science . Dangerous.

It’s a relief to be unhampered and unaffected by money. Every disappointment or pain we face is a test . As you know tests are to find out what we know. if we pass we go onto the next test. If we fail we gain knowledge about ourselves.

Solitude is good. Inside us is a garden that must be cultivated. Like all gardens pruning and weeding and tending the garden is needed. All the stones and thorns and weeds must be manageable. This is the place we must go. It is there we will find peace in the gardens of our mind. Our gardens may sometimes be very cluttered. And sometimes stony hard. Clutter is tiring. Digging out stones are also very tiring. Need to do it in little bits. It is done in solitude. Rest and solitude is essential to human well being.

Man was meant to live in a garden, within and without.
Covid 19 solution proves it .
What is the solution for preventing this Virus?


You cannot isolate if you hate solitude and you have not cultivated a garden!

Ventilation: Plenty of fresh air. Gardens within and without have that too.
And open spaces. Where except in your mind, can you have the most open space?

From dust we were made to dust we return . 
dust as earth drenched with new rain 
Dust from which fresh chewy tender grasses grow 
Dust that crunches underfoot soft and grainy . Solid and comforting 
Dust that nourishes a forest and ferns 
Or miles and miles of hot sands luring travelers of yore 
That we are one with dust 
Of dust we are and will return 
Will keep us connected 
And unafraid 
In the place we were meant to be.

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