Rudy Giuliani and the Conservatives are Not Criminals for Criminal Biden DOJ To Attack

In the Spotlight

By President-Elect Sharmini Jayawardena

It is true that Attorney Rudy Giuliani was successful in draining the mob in New York by taking each one of them to courts and conducting the trials until they were each of them brought to their knees literally, drained of all of their millions, when they would name the next in line!!

It is also true that by this method, attorney Giuliani rounded up the entire mob and left them utterly and absolutely defenseless and financially depleted.

If the Justice Department is thinking of trying the same path in trying the Attorney himself, they are sadly mistaken. Rudy Giuliani is not a foolish man. Nor is he a mobster, unlike the DOJ‼️‼️‼️

The DOJ as we know it today and its clandestine operative arm 👉🏽the FBI, are nothing but the surveilling, spying GESTAPO of the Biden family and the Biden Administration‼️

These two dirty departments, including all other government agencies 👉🏽the CIA, the FDA, the CDC, EPA, it goes on and on 👉🏽MUST be all broken up and abolished for ever and for all time‼️

From the looks of it, the entire Country’s functionality or the lack thereof seems to be moving towards this direction: being abolished!

Let it be known and let it be clear that there are no names that attorney Giuliani needs to disclose except Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is the ROBBER‼️ He and his gang robs us of everything💢💢💢💢💢Especially our Election 2020!

Let it be known that the circumstances under which attorney Guiliani’s office and home was raided and his property confiscated was yet another political hit job to intimidate patriots.

Trump Supporting Conservative Patriots don’t come under lists of names that can even remotely be connected to anything the DOJ and it’s handlers can even come close to‼️

Democrats may easily come within those parameters as they are as we all know 👉🏽the well known abortionists 👉🏽murdering babies even before the humanity in them is given as much as a chance to breathe 👉🏽GROSSE💢💢💢💢💢
What can we expect from such barbarians💢

The present regime does some how know exactly how to put themselves in the worst possible spot, don’t they⁉️

Everything they do don’t seem to only point them in a direction that unloads massive dumps on their very atrocities and nothing but their atrocities‼️

Shame‼️ Shame‼️ Shame‼️ On Them‼️

The Hunter Biden leaked laptop was the ONLY incriminating piece of evidence the FBI left behind, after having raided Rudy Giuliani’s premises. That which links the present ‘president’ and his irate son and family to a Ukrainian political and financial mess for all of them, is the only item they don’t want their hands getting dirty on.

The Bidens are so deep, neck deep, in the affairs of a foreign country – the Ukraine, and we are seeing them struggling to get out of this nasty situation and possibly unable to do so. The more they dig, the more they wriggle, the more they seem to be getting in the cog mire‼️

Trump Supporting Conservative Patriots are about to be treated to a bit of entertainment long overdue 🎬🎥🍿

Trump Supporting Conservative Patriots are about the only honest Americans left in America and there’s absolutely no point in charging them with anything except of course for being Patriotic Trump Supporters.

View the video below ⬇️ @ 5:39 for discussion on Rudy Giuliani.

Watch at 5:39

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