The Beauty Within The Burns Unit*

The ministering angels
who take good care
of our main organ
sometimes referred to as
the organ that “keep our
insides in” – Skin
are so caring and nurturing
in scar tissue management
that part and parcel of
plastic surgery
that neat work of the scalpel
on you.
that needs to be carefully cared for
The head of the unit of the
is so efficient and knowledgeable
and you take to her
like a child to mother
who runs the unit with
care and aptitude
that love is what surfaces
more than anything else
She has created a cocoon
within the hospital that
those who are touched
by these ministering angels
will not fail
to feel
the touch of love and affection
passed on down from
head to toe
just like the skin that covers
us from head to toe

By Sharmini Jayawardena
Written in 2008-2009

*This poem was inspired by Dr. Chandini Perera, Head of The Burns Unit, National Hospital, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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