Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Unvaccinated!

In the Spotlight

By Romeo Cardinali. September 10, 2021

History has a way of repeating itself. This is no doubt true of our current health crisis – regardless of your political opinions. Hate disguised as “concern for the public good” may lead us to some sorry outcomes that no one would have ever thought possible just a few years ago!

We are on the verge of making some serious new laws that fly in the face of our so-called “composite society” and the “anti-segregation laws” passed a generation ago. So what is this new class of Americans that we’ll soon be able to persecute, or at least show prejudicial disdain? Who are the people that we will be told that we have to “hate” just to be accepted with the “in-crowd” and “media-trendy” class? It’s none other than the “Unvaccinated!”

I’m sure that someone will say that using a picture from the Nazi Era Pogrom is itself “anti-Semitic,” but before you come to a wrong conclusion, be aware of the reason the Nazi’s gave for walling off Jewish inhabitants into Ghettos: 1) JEWS ARE UNCLEAN, 2) THEY CARRY VERMIN & DISEASES. In fact, during the sad history of Anti-Semitism across Europe, the Jews were often targeted for exclusion and persecution (if not extermination) by accusing them of spreading diseases. They were blamed for the Black Plague, and other diseases in the Dark Ages. The Reich also found them an easy scape-goat to blame for the outbreak of Typhus in the Warsaw Ghetto. The Star of David served to fore-warn German Citizens of purer heritage that “these Jews were unclean, and carried diseases.”

Not without surprise, the German Medical Community fully supported the unscientific rhetoric (with studies & data) supporting the necessary lie that Jews were super-spreaders of disease. It just made it easier for the Reich to confiscate their property, deny them basic rights, and then wall them off into Ghettos prior to their Final Solution, Extermination! In fact, Jewish victims taken to Dachau, Buchenwald and other camps – were often told that the showers they were to take were only to help kill the “vermin and diseases that they were carrying” before they exposed others.

We are living through that generation that George Orwell foretold many years ago in his classic anti-utopian novel, “1984.” Turns out Orwell wasn’t writing fiction, but a prophecy of the future when he talked about “Newspeak.” The meaning of words and terms used by those in power would all be turned on their head – TO FURTHER THE AIMS OF THE STATE (i.e. Big Brother). I remember reading this book in high school in the late 1960’s, and marveling at this term “New-Speak,” thinking that with a free-press it could never happen. Sadly, we don’t have a free press. What we do have is the complete capitulation of the Corporate-Media– to the designs of Big Brother, the Global State.

It would take far more words than this brief article to detail the mis-reporting, innuendos, distortions and out-right-lies that we’ve heard about the Covid-19 Pandemic. And the players are a “who’s-who” of the Global-Corporate-Media-Industrial-Complex. Here are some examples of their repeated flip-flops: “Don’t wear masks, No you have to wear a mask.” “Don’t worry about going to Chinatown, No – you must be completely quarantined inside.” “Covid can’t be communicated from humans-to-humans, No wait – it’s highly contagious.” “The vaccines were rushed to market by a bungling president with orange hair, No wait. The Vaccines are all great and everyone has to take them.” “Social distancing works, No wait. Data shows that social distancing didn’t do anything to slow or stop the spread” “The Vaccines will stop you from getting Covid, No wait. You can still get it EVEN IF YOU ARE VACCINATED.” “OK, but if you get it, you won’t die – No wait, you may still die, in fact you have about the same chance of dying with, or WITHOUT THE VACCINE.” What are we to believe?

For those of you who have been paying attention to the barrage of “newspeak” from out media over the last 20 months, it’s easy to conclude that most of the warnings and directives given by our American Big Brother at the CDC, as well as State and Federal spokes-people, JUST CAN’T BE TAKEN AT FACE VALUE. They contradict themselves every other day. I know that there are fearful people who watch a steady diatribe of “newspeak” and are in a state of fretful fear and worry most of the time. Bad news sells newspapers. But it’s clear from this past election cycle that they’re not trying to inform, but rather to stir up fear, and by doing so, CONTROL PEOPLE’S BEHAVIOR. Example: A Trump rally is a super-spreader event, but an Antifa Riot is OK. A t this point, many people are numbed by the constant onslaught of “Newspeak” that dribbles out from our Corporate Media Giants (including Fox). And they have just STOPPED LISTENING. They want to get on with their lives.

I’m asking for people to take a step back, use their own good judgment, and while showing concern and consideration towards others (especially the aged, and sick who’ve been made the most fearful), and don’t allow fear to push you to doing horrible things to your neighbors. The German citizens of the 1930’s allowed fear, privation and hope for a glorious future fatherland – to blind their eyes to the inhumanity that was on full display by the Nazis. I don’t believe that this was a “one-off,” or just a phenomenon for that time period. No, I think it’s man’s normal way of responding during times of crisis (real or man-made), allowing fear, selfishness, the desire for survival to manipulate them into doing or allowing state-sponsored-evil, things that they would have otherwise thought reprehensible.

We are now at just such a juncture in American history. I fear that soon the “newspeak” that spews from Government, Science, Academia, Corporate Media, Industry, Entertainment, Education and Big Tech will direct us to identify, isolate, persecute and quarantine our “unvaccinated” neighbors and friends into Ghettos (or worse) – ALL TO KEEP US AMERICAN CITIZENS FROM THE VERMIN AND DISEASES THAT THEY SUPPOSEDLY CARRY. And please don’t tell me “I’m just following the Science.” The same group that has changed their story every other day for 20 months says that there are 112 Genders (with 71 Suffixes). This isn’t about science; this is about control. They also tell us that White People are born racist, and there is nothing they can do to change. That’s hate.

I pray that God will help us see the manipulation that Big Brother is using to further his ends, and that we in American will still practice Toleration towards all those who differ with us, religiously or politically! Fearful things await us if we follow this road any further. And in the end, those who are showing intolerance will turn on each other. Now that the CDC and other so-called Experts are telling us that we need to get vaccinated every 6 months, or yearly – will that mean that the person who only had one vaccination is also “unclean and carrying vermin and diseases? ” Or how about the person who had the original 2 doses, but refuses to get the yearly, monthly or weekly boosters? What about people who fear these Covid-Vaccines and their many documented side-effects? What about their right to life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness? Do they get to choose? You see where this will end up.

We’ve been told for years by this same medical community and all its so-called experts, that an unborn baby is “NOT HUMAN,” and can therefore be terminated (killed?) for any reason. When we bring up socio-moral-religious reasons for why we’re against this very Reich-like behavior, they tell us that for the woman “IT’S HER BODY, HER CHOICE!” What about Vaccines? Don’t we have choices that we can make for our bodies? If I chose to smoke, drink in excess or take harmful drugs, the law protects my civil rights – even though my choices might be deadly, and drive up health care costs for everyone else. To date there is NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENSE that UNVACCINATED PEOPLE excessively carry VERMIN, DISEASES OR ARE A DANGER TO SOCIETY. This is just more fear mongering.

Please show those who make a medical decision different than your own, the forbearance that you ask of all of us. Don’t HATE US BECAUSE WE SEE THE VACCINE DIFFERENTLY. THANK YOU.

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