A Spooky-uterie Charcuterie …

By Ginny Sophomore

… representing the friends I’m inviting to the brunch I’m throwing.

Finger foods that each one of them like very much will be arranged on this board that will depict a pattern that would be created on the vile side of each person’s mind.

Each of them will see these patterns for-men-ting in their mind’s eye and squirm in silence wondering if s/he were the only one privy to this!

Food that one likes, combined with the food that the person’s significant other likes will lay side by side. Food and wine will be paired that will attract one to the other.

It would also be a secret spooky 👻 kind of ouija board made up of the finger foods she had lined up.

She had learned about brunches well enough in the many tiring culinary lessons she endured while in culinary school, with great pain, as they commenced as early as four or five in the morning. At the time, she never thought she would take this art to hitherto unknown heights.

The eighteen students would create a myriad number of charcuterie boards on which they will be judged and marked.

This spooky brunch would have the sweet and the sour pairing well. Sweet Matilda’s craving for Brie will be paired with the best of Chardonnay and a sweet fresh fig which Tom abhorred but would be drawn to by the spell of the Ouija mystery. For she arranged her selection of food and drink on her grandma’s ouija board! This board was an exceptionally large and thick one of an old blackened wood, perfect for the occasion.

So it went like this. No one knew how this was even possible. But it is that time of year when leaves fall and in this case, people fall hook 🪝 line and sinker/anchor 🎣 for those whom they would not have otherwise even looked at. All made possible by her own doing.

Was this a positive endeavour? None could vouch for it. For after all it did bring people together and togetherness was a spectacular thing.

This board will be full of cheeses, cured meat, crackers, fruit, nuts and all kinds of treats.

Here, I’m focusing on placing the candy eyeballs 👀 on the bocconcini or mozzarella balls! These are to be paired with the deep red Montmorency tart cherries 🍒 that will make Jetsun salivate for Duncan.

O what a delightful game I play! My heart goes putter putter feverishly. I think I can’t go any further. I need a break. So let’s munch on a soda cracker.

On one side of the lay out there was placed a glass bowl of very red cubes of agaaga sour but sweet strawberry 🍓 jelly resembling cubes of jellied blood 🩸 with blood stained knives 🔪 and scissors ✂️of food decor party toppers! That’s a lot of blood letting.

The plastic spider 🕷 sits on the ghoulish block of blue Stilton weaving a web of desire between Sandy and Jim. They are suddenly enamoured of each other and give in to eye balling the one another.

And the pairing goes on with Dough and Mayfair lunging on the scattered over sized cushions that lay sprawled on the rug. Who knew Halloween could be so hallowed!

The spook-ksi food and the way they were paired was not pulling the guests apart like it should but bringing them unceasingly endearingly together.

in the middle were chorizo Iberico the dried Spanish sausage of the Iberian pig 🐷 that laid red and sliced with the two wheels of French Lepico cheese on either side, creating a scene.

Did they get it? No one was open about it. They just took it all in silently and let the spread do the talking while they did the walking.

Before long they were in each other’s arms and the party moved on to unexpected heights in the pairing area.

The darkest of black berries were thrown in to tequila mojitos.

They were all too ready for a very spooky movie 🎥. By then everyone was equally paired off and the ghostest hostess played Ghost Busters and ruined everything.

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