Meandering In Athenian Paths. <3 a tribute to my muse <3

By Ginny Sophomore

And I come face to face and body to body with these magical creatures at this self gratifying spa for personal pampering of the third degree. Whatever that means.

She had just been to a luncheon at an Afghani restaurant cum family gathering space where they served many Afghani dishes and wines. That’s a first for me for a restaurant of its repute!!!

This date being between a coeliac and an anaphylactic which boils down to being gluten intolerant and having  allergic reactions which can cause death!

They asked the waitresses to guide them as to what was available on the menu that such people could eat with no terrifying outcome.

This being eventually arrived at …. their problem was settled.

We were served by these mannequin like waitresses reminding her of something she was privy to in the form of a movie, one which had this scene with two Siamese cats 🐈‍⬛ 🐈‍⬛ that went twirling round and round the place to the tune of  – “we are Siamese if you please/ we are Siamese if you don’t please” lollipops🍭🍭🍭 Lol!!

They had on hats with netted veils that barely covered their faces, alluringly setting the stage for everything that followed.

When we ordered the dessert 🍮 🍨 🧁having found out they do serve dessert, they came up with a spread that covered the entire table. A smorgasbord of desserts if you will.

They asked us to eat what we like!!!

Jake and I were on top of it!

We both observed these families. One of which was full of men,  and the other, of women and children! This was apparently the way the Afghani folk entertained themselves to a meal out.

The men and the women came together only when one of their babies needed a nappy change and viola, their they were all over themselves and the baby, in a room specially provided  for this purpose.

They would disappear into this room and no doubt smooch around and have a quickie while also attending to the due task!!!

What a life! What a life indeed was this veiled life!

Everything became that much more curiously precious for it having being veiled.

This being figured out, Jake and I were about to go our separate ways when I felt a man looming over just behind me in his suit of blue pajamas, or what I would like to call their national costume.

I was asking Jake whom he sees right behind me and he says, Zilch! In the very next moment I see this pajama-ed apparition swish past our table with another in an olive green pajama. Now was this place haunted by any chance????!!!!

She whisks Jake and herself right out of this weird scenario possibly of no return, making a feline beeline out of there.

From here she goes to de-mortify herself at the destressing and detoxifying spa.

The montage of Greek columns and of statues in all  stages of decay and disrepair were a scene from a movie transfixed in this a-thereal Athenian place.

All was released from your mind and body quite mind- blowingly. She was humming and prancing to the tune of, “we are Siamese if you please/ we are Siamese if you don’t please”, while settling into a hot tub for some pussy comfort.


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