Why Weren’t the Jan6 Political Prisoners Arrested in DC on 06JAN21

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena

They came for them in the early hours of dawn and tore away their loved ones holding on to them, as they screamed!!! They came in their swat teams of armed vehicles and men, just to arrest an innocent civilian who was sleeping in his bed, knowing very well he did absolutely nothing wrong on that day!!!

In their own words:

“The raid involved an armored tank, overhead drones, and almost a dozen officers from four law enforcement agencies with their guns drawn at Padilla’s wife, who opened the door to red laser sights pointed at her head and full-body, still wearing her pajamas and disoriented by the intense and chaotic shouting over a loudspeaker.

Officers handcuffed Padilla’s wife and barricaded her from saying goodbye to her husbandthe last time she would see him in what has now been almost a year—ransacked their home, and called in the Department of Child Services, who threatened to remove their three young boys from her custody in an ensuing three month investigation. Law enforcement did not announce their warrant until after Padilla had been escorted away in custody and they had entered his home.” – Seargeant Jose Lina Padilla –

Totally utterly unacceptable on the part of these bandits, to say the least!

What’s going on with the DOJ, (Department of Justice), and the FBI, (Federal Bureau of Investigation)???? Who’s pulling the strings? Doesn’t this sound very much like when Barak Obama set the IRS, (Internal Revenue Service), on innocent, hard working patriots!!!

What are these people who are backed by ‘terrified’ members of Congress, the Senate, the Speaker, the Biden Administration, the DNC and RINOs, (Republican In Name Only), made to feel and act so worried about? What are they so fearful of? It is just disgraceful, the way they set about doing the dastardly acts of crime they commit against the Patriots of Our Great  American Republic!!!

The entire Establishment right in to the Deep State are pissing in their pants👖 👖even as we speak, and have been so, ever since President Trump won the 2016 Election.

Hillary Lost! With her defeat so did the entire shebang of operatives in the liberal Left globalist elitist cabal.

They had to keep this whole scheme they had well planned out to defeat the “masses”, from tumbling down, and they could not and would not do anything to stop it. To stop it would be to see themselves all go down the slippery slope of no return.

This they couldn’t face. They couldn’t stand for. They couldn’t suffer.

When patriots answered the call of the POTUS on 6th January 2021, in their millions to Washington D. C., the opposition was taken by surprise. They were taken unawares. They did not know the true strength of We The People of America. Now they do and that’s the reason they did not arrest these patriots on that day in DC!

It is absolutely true and correct to say that these patriots DID NO WRONG! Marching in to the People’s House is natural and acceptable especially when grave wrongs have been committed against them. The patriots needed their very real grievances heard. Especially the fact of the 2020 Election having been robbed off of them!

Stealing an Election from We The People of America is a grave crime of HIGH TREASON and an act PUNISHABLE WITH THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW.

Why didn’t the POTUS invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807, on that day? Why did the POTUS call on the patriots to be present in D.C., on that day? Surely it was not for just another rally?!

The word coming down the grapevine is that certain deep state operatives within the White House had obstructed the invoking of the Insurrection Act,  and that certain high intensity explosives had been planted in key locations to be detonated, if the POTUS had done so.

The People’s Representatives, barring a few,  had certified the votes of the 2020, 3rd November Presidential Election, as being valid when they were nothing but!!!

The RINO Vice-President Mike Pence was already inside the inner chamber of Congress. He was about to count the votes.

The many facts regarding the violation of voter rights of We The People that were brought forward by representatives were being ignored by the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca).

We The People could see this happen through information transmitted via patriots at home, and from journalists of reputed news agencies like The Sun of the UK. We The People at home were giving out the orders to the patriots gathered at the Capitol grounds that day, to move forwards under the existing circumstances.

The circumstances proved that We The People were NOT going to get  justice for themselves on that day.

Hence the mass move forward and in to the inside of the Capitol.

It all halted with the bullet being fired in to the chest of the unarmed, four time Air Force  veteran, Ashli Babbitt! President Trump immediately gave a message asking all patriots to go back home in peace!!!

Who brought this about? Who created this mass Movement? It is none other than the Democrats and the RINOs, themselves, for having illegally certified fake election results and brought it to the People’s House – the Capitol.


We The People HOLD ALL MEMBERS OF THE DNC, the BIDEN ADMINISTRATION and the RINOs, GUILTY AS CHARGED, of having unjustly and criminally incarcerated the Patriots of what is now known as #freejan6politicalprisoners #jan6thpatriots #freejan6thpatriotsnow #AmericanGulag

Had they been arrested on that very day in that very place, there would not have been a problem for these now incarcerated patriots, because that would’ve meant arresting all the “high profile” conservatives now known as conservative celebs, like Alex Jones, Brandon Straka and others!

Why are these “high profile” conservatives not handing themselves over to the cops, even now?

Had they arrested the patriots on that day in that place, they would’ve had to arrest the POTUS himself as it was he who gathered the patriots to DC. It was he who asked them to walk to the Capitol after he delivered his speech, to give those representatives within the Capitol who do not have the strength of courage, some strength to do what they aught to do, in his own words!!!!

It would’ve been a great day for courage and bravery if these “high profile” conservatives were brought to justice themselves.

Sadly, it did not happen that way. This only goes to prove that it will be the grassroots conservative patriots who will eventually take America out of its dungeons into the light and Restore Our Great American Republic to its original state‼️

Hopefully, this will happen sooner than later.  Hopefully, our Republic will be freed from its shackles soon. Hopefully, the Patriots languishing in the #AmericanGulag right now, will be freed and just as soon as it happens, our Republic will be set free.

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