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In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena


I was watching a video shared by Richard Allen on the Covid-19, the Global Rest and the New World Order. It deals with everything Leafblogazine has been speaking of since it’s inception. I have shared the video to the end of this article for those who wish to watch it. Let me warn you that it is a very lengthy video. I must say I could not watch it until the end.

The video highlights the fact that everything we ever use is now owned by a few conglomerates or what the video calls Institutional Investors.

I’ve spoken of these Institutional Investors in my post ➡️Here.

What I did not say in that post but did in my social media comments is that, these institutional investors like Vanguard, Black Rock and others are actually owned by none other than Black Lives Matter or BLM. This organisation is a global corporation. Ipso facto it becomes the entity that believes it governs the entire planet by One World Government through a New World Order.

BLM is a terror organisation which has proven themselves as such in the many terrorist attacks it has executed in America and other European countries in the past two years.

The end of an year being as good a time as any to reflect on what we’ve been writing and sharing, and hopefully enlightening you on, over here at Leafblogazine.

Let me give you a quick recap – My self and Don T. Mashak, for the most part have exposed the crimes committed against humanity in all of its vast excess by those very people who claim to protect us. We have shown them in all of its abominations. We have been speaking of nothing else but the Council on Foreign Relations that gave rise to the idea of a One World Government by a New World Order, the Federal Reserve and its debt based fiat money scam, up to the Covid-19 and it’s vagaries and further on to illegal human trafficking, child trafficking, pedophelia and other sex crimes against minors, involving the elite of this planet.

As a result of our own expostulations and those of others like us, I believe we have been successful in opening the minds of the vast majority of we the people patriots of not only America but of the rest of the world, to the realities that exist

This is not to say that we have everything under control. There is still much work to be done in the area of making arrests of key people down to the school boards. The traitors have been identified but not thwarted as yet. We need to do this if we are to bring justice and fair play to our midst. We need to punish the guilty with the fullest extent of the law if justice is to be served so that we the people patriots will henceforth live in freedom and in peace.

The moment the political prisoners who are now incarcerated for crimes they did not commit, the #jan6thpatriots are released from the DC and other dungeons, we will see that America too will be set free from the shackles that have kept it bound and gagged since the eighteen hundreds.



Here are some horrific pictures that evidence what the elite do to children they entrap and enslave as sex slaves. What happens in Pedoland does not stay in Pedoland , anymore.

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