“January 6th – False Flag or Insurrection Day?”

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By Richard Allen – January 10, 2022

Happy False Flag Day!  Since January 6th has just passed, and with it passed the anniversary of either: the Worst Terrorist Event to ever happen on US soil, or the most wide-spread occurrence of Trespassing in the history of mankind!  It has to be one or the other – ITS NOT BOTH! 

January 6, 2021 was the day that “outgoing president” Donald J Trump called supporters to Washington DC to protest the blatant election theft of 7 or more states by Establishment, Deep-State bureaucrats. And, what would have been a peaceful protest by patriotic supporters, was turned into a semi-violent clash with the DC Police and a storming of the Capitol building as the FBI and Capitol Police removed the barricades, and led the way. Now, one year later it’s clear that there was more going on than the well-crafted media narrative would let on. To this date, the DOJ (Department of Justice) led by AG Merrick Garland won’t release the countess videos that they confiscated showing the government’s role in the action. And the State-Controlled-Media has continued to pound the narrative that Capitol Police were injured and killed by Trump Supporters, when in truth – it was only Trump supporters like Ashli Babbitt who were killed.

What’s so ironic is that, what the Left now chooses to call “Insurrection  Day, came on the heels of a year ofactual lootingburning & violence that was excused by the Democrats and their sycophants in the corporate media as mostly peaceful protests.  While most of that looting, burning and violence was coordinated and paid for by progressive activists, they told us that this was what Democracy looked like, and that people were just responding to the heavy handed ‘police-state behavior’ of Donald Trump. Since I live in Kenosha, WI we all got to see this type of Democracy up close. All I can say is:  Nothing says Democracy like watching paid, bussed-in Antifa rioters & anarchists burn down poor and black owned businesses! Turns out, it’s not Citizen Participation, but “Mobocracy” that they really want to unleash across this country, ALL TO GET THEIR WAY!

And the same people who excused this real violence were the one’s claiming that flag-waving protestors who entered the Capitol grounds and an empty House of Representatives (with the coordinated help of the FBI and Capitol Police) – had somehow tried to overthrow the United States government! Talk about hyperbole!  And now the draconian response that they’re planning for anyone who disagrees with them, is even scarier!  The crazed voices on the Left are always, I MEAN ALWAYS – trying to whip everyone into a frenzied state of anger and rebellion.  Truth be told, what they’re really angry about is:  Try as they might, they haven’t been able to convince the average citizen of the narrative: That they’re the good guys!  They remind me a lot of the children in the market that Jesus spoke of in Luke’s gospel, chapter 7:32 where they lamented:

“We played the flute for you, and you did not dance; we sang you a dirge, and you did not weep.”

For those of you who know the passage, the political and religious leaders in Israel at the time were not only corrupt, but impervious to any criticism.  So much so that they totally rejected the message of repentance that an austere John the Baptist preached, saying that he “had a demon.”  And likewise rejected the message of good news and mercy that a gracious and merciful Jesus preached, saying that he was a “drunkard and a glutton.” The standard theological understanding of Jesus’ response in Luke 7:32 is pretty clear. Jesus said that they were like spoiled children sitting in the marketplace – complaining that they played a “happy flute dance” for John and he wouldn’t dance – he still preached of coming judgement.  And they’d played a “funeral dirge” for Jesus – but he wouldn’t mourn, he still taught a message of love, forgiveness and mercy.

But, if I understand this passage rightly, there was something else going on. It really galled these religious and political leaders that they couldn’t get either John or Jesus to allow them to control the Narrative!  In their minds, John the Baptist and Jesus Christ were not controllable, and therefore needed to be destroyed.  And that’s the real issue with the Progressive-Democrats & Establishment Republicans and their acolytes in the Corporate Media complex! They’re enraged because, try as they might – they can’t get the average American to dance or mourn at their bidding!  We apparently have minds of our own, and have already decided what we feel to be right, wrong, moral, and immoral. And we know the difference between what are actual acts of violence & insurrection – and what are our protected First Amendment rights as We the People!  We have a constitutional right to restore self-rule, and consent of the governed, back into the laws that now govern us.

While the desire to control the narrative has been going on for a long time, I think the recent manifestation of this behavior first surfaced in 2010 with the Tea-Party-Patriots. Unsanctioned groups of American Citizens – mostly from the older generations, all waving flags and sitting in lawn chairs — gathered together in groups of thousands, all uncontrolled by the Established Political class (in both parties) to peacefully protest Barak Obama’s blatant overreach, as he worked to dismantle our constitutional government!  To the Elites in the Establishment, they stated:  The nerve of those Right-Wing Fanatics, trying to take power from us, AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER THAT WE’RE BUILDING!  That was the response of the Axis of Deception (Marxist-Dems, Establishment RINO’s and the Corporate-Media) to the Tea-Party Patriots thinking that “We the People” could actually rule ourselves without them!

Our Elite class would have none of this, so they accused anyone who opposed their collectivist ideology as a Terrorist, or White Nationalist who hated all minority groups and wanted to put them all back into slavery.  Overnight, silver-haired veterans and their flag-waving wives were likened to terrorists like Timothy McVeigh or a White-Militia Members, all bent on seeking armed overthrow of the US Government.  And they didn’t just accuse, they worked hard to discredit them with “False-Flag” operators, using operatives like Bob Creamer (husband of Chicago Congresswoman Jan Shakowsky) and many other Left-Wing-Infiltrators who they could paycajole or incite into acts of violence.  But try as they may, they never came up with even one real example or conviction for the “Lawn-Chair-Patriots” they called Terrorists!

Then, out of desperation, to change the narrative into one they could control, they funded and started the Liberal-Counter-Tea-Party-Movement, “Occupy Wallstreet,”  to demonstrate that like the Tea Party, there was an organic groundswell of American’s who wanted Socialist-Marxism, and for the government to take over every facet of life, and nationalize property to make things fair for everyone!  As it turned out, the Occupy Wallstreet movement was about as “organic” as plastic!  Drug using radical Lefties (most with unemployed college graduates who never had a job) dutifully did the bidding of Democrat Mayors, Global Elites and International Bankers – all to protest the greed of the so-called bankers on Wallstreet – who were indirectly paying them!  And what was amazing with this debacle is that just like they couldn’t find one credible thing to discredit the Tea-Party, they couldn’t find one honorable thing that Occupy Wallstreet stood for!

But that didn’t stop the Axis of Deception (i.e. Dems, RINO’s and Media) from spinning a Narrative 180° opposite of reality:  The Silver-Haired Patriots with their Flags, lawn chairs and Clean Up crews that they deployed after a Tea Party rally – were portrayed as the most serious threat that the United States had seen since the Confederacy!  And, the Occupy Wallstreet Communes – rampant with rapes, murders, drug use, theft, public defecation and human debauchery were the Real Patriots, looking to be the conscience of America, and save the Republic from the scourge of Capitalism!  However, the American People knew better and didn’t buy their False Narrative, any more than they believed the False Flag Operations that Democratic Funded Groups began to foment. And like the child detractors who hated both Jesus and John the Baptist – they hated that they couldn’t make the average American citizen believe their False-Flag Narratives!

So at the end of the day, try as they may – the American People just aren’t buying the False-Flag Narrative for January 6th!  After the Tea-Party became the conscience of true Patriots (2010-2016), an awakened American people were waiting, still waiting for a Champion to rise up and say the things that needed to be said. A real Champion who would have their backs and not allow these spoiled children in the market to slander or belittle what was once considered decent and moral.  Along came a Billionaire Businessman who wasn’t concerned for his own wealth, or to feather his own nest, but one who actually trusted “We the People.”  Patriots across the land flocked to, and supported this Champion throughout his presidency. And these Patriots, realizing that their government had ceased to govern for the well-being of its People, flocked to DC to support this president against a corrupt Deep-State who ruled:  “For the Lobbyists, by the Special Interest Groups, and for the Global Elites.”  They may have been naïve to think that the Swamp wouldn’t have their own False-Flag response, but they didn’t commit Insurrection on any level. What they did was re-assert government:  “Of the People, By the People, and For the People!”

So, for those of you who still seek the truthHappy False-Flag Day!

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