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Ronald Sandlin

Ronald Sandlin is a 34-year-old man born in Tampico, Mexico and is being held under inhumane and disgusting conditions in the DC jail with other Jan 6 detainees.

He was arrested on January 28, 2021, as a result of the events that unfolded at the Capitol on Jan 6.

He traveled to DC for the rally from his home in Memphis, Tennessee.

He has no criminal record, yet he is looking at spending at least the next 5 to 10 years in federal prison if the DOJ gets what they want.

He is standing against the full weight of the DOJ and the lies of the mainstream media that accuse him of white nationalism, conveniently forgetting that he is Hispanic and that he is housed with a diverse group of other Jan 6 detainees.

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Here is your chance to hear Ronald Sandlin in his own words:

It’s been (almost) a year since the mostly peaceful protests of January 6th and the Democrats are more interested in engaging in a partisan witch hunt than finding the truth. Meanwhile several dozen alleged Jan 6th participants are languishing in appal-ling conditions inside DC’s Abu Ghraib. “If most Americans knew what these men and women have endured at the hands of their own government it would disgust and sick-en them no matter which side of the aisle they stand on,” Marc Applebaum a San Die-go based lawyer stated.

Over 40 defendants are being denied bond. Alleged rapists, murderers, and pedo-philes routinely get granted pretrial release, even the Waukesha Christmas parade driver who allegedly plowed through and killed several holiday revelers was granted bond. Most of the Jan 6th defendants have had their speedy trial rights unconstitution-ally suspended and have been sitting in jail for almost a year with no trial date in sight, even though the law clearly states defendants are innocent until proven guilty.

Earlier this year a Jan 6th defendant, Ryan Samsel, was savagely beaten by several correction officers. They zip tied his hands and then proceeded to beat him uncon-scious with their steel flashlights and left him for dead. He awoke the next morning in a pool of his own blood suffering a detached retina, broken jaw, fractured orbital, brain swelling and blood clots. He is now blind in one eye and may have sustained permanent brain damage. 

Samsel offended the correction officers because he tried to organize a bible study for Jan 6th patriots.

The corrupt DCDOC, FBI, & DOJ have cleared the involved officers of any wrongdoing and claim Samsel zip tied his own hands, beat himself with steel flashlights and detached his own retina which is obviously absurd.

The detained Jan 6th defendants fear for their lives daily and are often threatened with violence and even murder. “The correction officers have made many racist statements including I hate y’all white people and your honky Christian religion, I hope y’all get stabbed by other prisoners, and other derogatory remarks. I’m not even white I’m Mexican and I found these statements to be racist and cause for concern over our safety” Ronnie Sandlin a detained Jan 6th defendant stated. “The exquisite irony is the DOJ and DCDOC are the racists even though they’re trying to promulgate the lie that Jan 6ers are white supremacists. I was denied bond because the prosecutor Jessica Arco said I’m Mexican, and I was a flight risk because I could flee to Mexico. I’m an American citizen, have no ties to Mexico, and I don’t even speak Spanish. It was the most racist thing I’ve ever experienced in my life, and I was stunned that this type of bigotry was being presented in the name of justice.”

Many of the Jan 6th defendants have been denied basic medical care, clean drink-ing water, proper nutrition, proper hygiene, and religious services. Chris Worrell was recently released on bond because the judge ruled that he wasn’t getting proper can-cer treatment. This is after nearly a year of begging and pleading for proper treatment.

“The drinking water comes out brown and we have to use our washcloths in order to filter the water, but our washcloths quickly turn brown. Our dinner often consists of 2 cheese slices, 2 pieces of bread, and a scoop of applesauce. I often go to bed with se-vere hunger pains. Many of us have lost over 50 lbs and our bodies are deteriorating. The jail has acknowledged the food isn’t adequate but nothing has changed. If this sounds like something from One Flew Out Of The Cuckoo’s Nest you wouldn’t be too far off the mark. I could never believe that American citizens could get treated like this unless I endured it like I have. We can never allow this to happen to American citi-zens again. This is truly a shameful chapter of American history and the Biden regime should be ashamed this is happening just a few miles from the White House,” Sandlin stated.

“What’s even worse, as if it could get any worse, is the whole narrative of Jan 6th has been a huge lie. The American public deserves the truth and they’re being denied that basic right. We have video evidence showing the police not only instigated the Jan 6th unrest, but they also murdered several protestors in cold blood and the DOJ is actively trying to suppress this chilling video evidence from the American pub-lic. If Americans saw this footage they would be forced to do some serious soul search-ing about the conduct of police, and the use of the DOJ & FBI as a brutal enforcement arm of the Democratic party.

This is after a year of Black Lives Matters and Antifa rioters looted, burned down cities causing billions of dollars in damage, murdered and terrorized communities around America only to have their charges dropped. Code Pink stormed the Brett Ka-vanaugh SCOTUS hearing and assaulted officers only to receive fines under $40 and no jail time. The unequal application of the law is intentional and meant to intimidate anyone who questions the government.

The Biden regime has made it clear that if you’re a Republican or even a concerned PTA parent you are going to be treated as a terrorist and not as an American citizen. Many of the Jan 6th defendants are being unlawfully subjected to the Patriot Act which was created to stop terrorism not to intimidate the ruling regimes political rivals. Many of us have been put on the no fly list, had our bank accounts closed and have been flagged on our credit reports as suspected terrorists. Not one of us have had our day in court and yet we are being treated like terrorists and not as Americans with concerns about government conduct.

I’m sitting in solitary confinement in my cell not much bigger than an elevator writing this cry for help. I’ve been sitting in solitary confinement for almost a year with no trial date in sight facing 20 years in prison. Many of the Jan 6ers, including myself, are heavily medicated in order to endure the severe emotional, physical, and spiritual toll that has been inflicted on us. International standards state that solitary confinement should not last more than 7 days because it’s considered cruel and unusual punish-ment, yet the Biden regime has no problem subjecting perceived political rivals under this severe form of punishment indefinitely.

Unfortunately, the media has ignored our suffering, so I have been forced to pay to have my article published at different sites. To Gateway Pundit’s credit, at least they have the guts to publish this cry for help for free. We need help badly. Please don’t forget about us. We are not terrorists. We are everyday Americans, blue collar workers, business owners, family men and women and good neighbors. If you want to hear more about my story and donate to my fundraiser please visit The more money I raise the more awareness about the truth I can spread. Please share this cry for help. God bless you and God bless America.”

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