How Many Times?

How many times will my heart break
before I get to you
not in sight
How many breakings of my heart
am I to suffer
a multitude
of breakages to my heart
and which ever
way I put it
it remains broken and
discharged ordinance
broken shrapnel
leaves my heart swimming
in limbo of smithereens
walking on crushed
from a dish made on
Easter, not making its
way to decorations
instead I’m walking
on these crushed
egg shells
why on earth on
egg shells
and not wedding
chiming in accord
to the rings
of unison?
I plead and
bleed in my
heart, that trickle
down my cheek
in runny tear drops
I barely feel it
and wipe it off
with the back
of my palm
to make sure
it never happens
I’m not falling
in that trap ever
again, be fooled
by songs
to, which I clung,
It’s not happening
again, not that
I know of
does this mean
it’s going to happen
again, to my
is it going,
to be,

By Sharmini Jayawardena
6th January 2022

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