Hunger Strike by January 6th Prisoner > Demanding Their Immediate Release and Investigations

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In my belief not only should the January 6th Political Prisoners be released with immediate effect but all of those who actively and passively contributed to and participated in this gross travesty of justice 👉BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE 👉BE PROSECUTED AND FOUND GUILTY AS CHARGED FOR TREASON, AND PUNISHED WITH THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW‼️‼️‼️

Sharmini Jayawardena

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We recently received this message directly from J6 Political Prisoner Jake Lang from solitary confinement. Jake has been credited for saving another man’s life on January 6thwho says he was being crushed to death because police were pushing TrumpSupporters on top of him and tear gassing them. This has been substantiated by video, yet The Department of Justice has offered Lang a ridiculous plea deal of nine years and kept him in DC Gitmo for almost a year now.

“Hello my fellow patriots,it’s Jake Lang – the time has come to draw a line in the sand, to say enough is enough. I am currently in the basement of the DC Jail, the ‘hole’, where my phone account and tablet has been cut off, leaving me with absolutely no access to my family or my attorney, as well has no visitations because of COVID. Completely silenced and cutoff to the outside world before being found guilty of any crime. The alleged crime? Standing up with 1 million+ other unarmed American patriots against tyranny; defending women and the elderly, my life, my country, my Constitution and even saving a life on January 6th! I can no longer in good conscious, with my faith in the Most High God, identify or have any part with the defacto Federal Government, and their corrupt Departments of Justice and Corrections. Monday, (1/31/22) I am entering an prolonged hunger strike of 23+ days until my next court date on Wednesday, February 23rd, where there will be a large peaceful protest and press conference by my lawyer Steven Metcalf outside DC Federal District Court House at 2:30pm followed by a press conference at 3:45pm. Media and patriots will be present in strong numbers. I will not eat until these demands are met:

  1. A thorough Bipartisan Congressional investigation into the Jan 6th Capitol Police brutality and murders of Ashli Babbit and Roseanne Boyland.

2. The immediate release of ALL January 6th detainees with no prior violent criminal history.

3. Equal Treatment Under the Law/ similar lenient wrist slap sentences as 2020 BLM and ANTIFA rioters.

4. Constitutionally protected right of redress of January 6th 2021 grievances, the obvious and overwhelming Will of The People being heard and obeyed: to send back the 2020 Presidential Election vote counting to the State legislatures for a recount.

I will try to release statements daily, whenever I can get a friend to help me – including updates on my health, lists of the egregious human rights violations I have suffered at the hands of the DC Jail; and details of the gross indifference shown by the DOJ to these human rights violations, and the OBVIOUS selective, politically motivated, prosecution and illegal prolonged solitary confinement / detainment. There will be updates and more information about the February 23rd protest on as well as our new documentary launching in the first week of February. I would be eternally grateful for your prayers and support on getting this hunger strike with its list of demands and my daily updates as much media attention as possible – culminating on the February 23rd court date and peaceful protest. On February 23rd, in court, my lawyer Steve Metcalf and I will be submitting some groundbreaking documents and Declarations that will most certainly shift the momentum and the perspective of all January 6th court cases. Please show up, and continue to be part of this next level patriotic movement!! I need your help!! Americans need your help!! 750 January 6ers need your help!! United We Stand under God. Please spread our graphics and write posts/ articles and dedicate a few segments to this hunger strike and February 23rd peaceful protest for ALL January 6ers! God bless you and thank you. #J6TRUTH –>

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