In this game

By Ginny Sophomore

I’m in this Game. I’m trapped. I hate politics. I need to get to my significant other. But no. These buffoons I’m helping out of getting in to trouble are lethargic dumbos who will not do a thing for themselves except for making memes! That’s all they are good at!

My significant other and I can’t get together to make a family, until our assignment is done with. It’s an humongous assignment that would eventually bring in loads of gold in to the bungling Buffon land. It is a project that would drive the enemy dry and weaken its powers. It’s a project that would ultimately bring peace to this world.

The buffoons are still stuck in the past. They have been waiting for Gumbo to bring them to deliverance for centuries upon centuries with no result! Yet, they keep praying meaninglessly.

They don’t realize their prayers aren’t answered coz they pray for the wrong things like passing examinations and making more money!

Gumbo is not interested. Gumbo doesn’t care for money, fame or power. All he wants is peace, love, kindness and harmony.

Gumbo loves music. But no one in Buffoon land seems to understand this as they don’t know anything about music. Only raucous noise do they know. How pathetic. Now both of them will have to delay their union even longer as music is the key and they don’t understand this either. Sad!

Now they will have to start all over making, creating music to please the Universal Truth. Universal Truth is antithetical to the practice of Gumbo. Universal Truth doesn’t believe in praying to get at a thing. Universal Truth believes in doing real things to solve a problem.

What is this real thing? They get inside the game again to figure it out and there they find it – harmless active change – in this case – laughing.

They realized they had not laughed in aeons. She had read somewhere that laughter was the best medicine. So there you have it, bring on some laughter.

They found out that Iridescent was selling bottled laughter to be had at irregular intervals because too much of it could make you delirious. Whatever that means. Since they had not had laughter in eons, nothing about it started to make sense.

In to the game they went even further. Or further in to the game they went and started to dispense laughter to almost everyone they met. Just like that laughter was getting them where it hurt most – in their nether regions which they did not know existed.

Laughter was getting the better of them there you go laughter is making it to the finish line it’s laughter making its way over everyone else and it is laughter all the way and there it is laughter and laughter and laughter is this years winner of the grand Derby 🐎

With this accomplished they waited for laughter to find solutions to everything and everyone one started to wait again doing nothing, expecting laughter to solve their problems.

Until we found out that the problem was that these Dumbos considered everything to be a problem and that problems cease to exist the moment you do not treat anything as a problem. And they solved that there and then.

Now to find each other in real time and in real life and may be social media could help them. Waiting for Dumbo to realize this was not going to get them anywhere. Let’s see how things work out for the two truly in true love.

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