The Human Animal Conflict Continues Shamelessly

In the Spotlight

By Sereniti James

Two days ago a tiger was killed by a shot fired by forestry department personnel in Malaysia, where tigers used to abound in its rain forests in times gone by. The tiger being the country’s national animal.

Let’s take stock of this gory circumstance.

The tiger had recently attacked and killed an indigenous man and also attacked a village and attacked and killed another man. It was now categorized as a man eating tiger.

The tiger was behaving like a tiger. with all due respect. It was killing and eating the flesh of another being for all it cared. This is how nature or God had made him. There was nothing wrong in what it did.

But what was deemed as being wrong was that it was killing humans!

Why are humans any different from animals in this context? Actually there is only one difference between a human and an animal, and the humans failed badly, in what is purported to make them special.

The big difference between the human and the animal, being 👉humans kill their own kind!!!! How can you expect humans who kill their own, to have compassion for or the ability to understand an animal?! In this case the tiger.

These persons even went a step further in being human and killed the tiger in cold blood instead of using the only characteristic a human possesses that differentiates themselves from the tiger 👉that of being able to use their intellect! These persons even lacked that only aspect that sets them a part from the animals.

This is a most ugly and horrifying aspect the humans exhibited in their attempt to over power the tiger and bring him to his death.

As far as the tiger was concerned he was being every bit a tiger. He was not KILLING HIS OWN KIND!

I’m disgusted to state here and bring to the fore, the oft disregarded and dismissed true nature of a human 👉it’s gross ability to KILL AND MAIM ITS OWN SPECIES‼️

Humans are indeed blood 🩸 thirsty‼️ It is not their fault either. They are aping the animals who attack them 🤪. Though this is succumbing to instinct which is an animal trait.

So why must we treat the humans any differently from an animal, when they are even worse than the animals they kill, maim and murder.

What these forestry personnel should’ve done was to shoot a tranquilizer in to the tiger, and once it was rendered numb, released it into the deep forest where it belongs. Most likely this tiger had lost its way somehow.

No! They did not have the brains, neither the intellect to act like humans aught to 👉use their intelligence‼️

When I was growing up I had a strong desire to adopt a pair of chimpanzees and not have children like most humans do.

However, in the course of my existence on this planet, I made a gross mistake and had two children. I’m happy to say though, the two children turned out to be a blessing, for fortunately they have their heart and brain in the right place.

This is the only reason that I fight for the rights and freedoms of the human race. I have no other reason for fighting the way I do for human beings, like I’ve been doing in the recent past..

When you see humans refusing to use their heart ❤️ and their brain 🧠, it becomes obvious to me as to why I abhorred them so much in the first place.

Think about it 🤔 💭 🧐. For it is good to think and feel at least once in a way.

The tiger is a protected species in Malaysia. In previous times, these animals, particularly the apex predators of the forests were roaming the land freely, before humans encroached on their territory and displaced them and drove them out further and further, threatening their very existence. Every effort was being made to save the few that exist, from extinction.

Possibly the animals thought to be headed for extinction are now making a come back, which is a good sign. The ecology of the planet seems to be improving. I’m hoping and praying the animals will return to dominate this planet. It is only then will the humans learn a lesson. That being 👉you are actually useless to the existence of this planet. The planet can very well go on without you humans being here. In fact the planet will thrive without you trespassing on the planet.

Let us see if the humans will use their brain and not their brawn and use their heart when faced with the bigger picture‼️

I would like to state here that there is nothing wrong in shooting and killing an animals for its flesh. As the animal that is killed is being put to good use, to sustain someone, and not wasted. It is an utter travesty of Nature to shoot an animal and leave it to waste. Eating wild meat can put an end to the existing inhumane factory farming of animals for human consumption. Besides, you consume less meat when you have to find it yourself, for It is not easy to shoot an animal!

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