The Tragic Irony of the Patriots being Held Unlawfully in Washington DC

In the Spotlight

By Sereniti James

Today I read about Brandon Straka, having being arrested by the Police even after he had given himself up to them and agreed to two felony counts and a misdemeanour. Straka is the founder of the Walk Away Movement which saw the Democrats march from their plantations to the Republican side in their numbers. The exact number being – over 600,000!

Having digested this information, my mind went in different directions regarding the ramifications of this incident.

Not only Brandon Straka but Alex Jones and President Trump himself were present near the Capitol. This is what I saw on a video filmed on that day, January 6th 2021. The person talking says to the cops – let Alex Jones take to the platform and then everybody will look to him… de-escalate, de-escalate… He says this a few times but the cops wouldn’t hear of it.

This video was shown as evidence on how people were not violent at all on that day, but were being coerced into storming the Capitol, by agents provocateurs. This story holds good but it is not entirely true.

I’m giving this whole episode good thought and wondering why aren’t these big shot conservative celebrities turning themselves in when the poor day to day conservative is rotting inside dungeons in Washington DC, right now?!

If these powerful people get themselves into prison, the powers that be, I’m directly hitting at that fake January 6th Select Committee, will have too much on their plate.

Investigations will then spill over to investigating the Democrats themselves, on those of them who were calling the rioting, looting, committing arson and murder in the inner cities in 2020, “peaceful protesters”, and encouraging the criminals!!!

There will be no end to the investigations that might very well lead to the funders of the weaponized antifa and the blm – George Soros and his Open Society Foundation, now an open secret.

The police have literally opened a can of worms in going further from arresting the patriots to arresting Straka!

These grifters have amassed a tidy sum for themselves having exploited the poor hard working patriot in to paying them money in exchange for the Truth! You watch any numbers of their videos and you will see what I mean. They never fail to to say – Subscribe and Donate.

I watched Straka going on air during the Georgia runoff where he says he’s going door knocking and he needs funding to put himself up in a hotel and making it out like he’s this goody goody guy who’s going to visit his grandma after finishing over there!!! This is the story I remember having watched. So sob stories and good old grandson and all of that brings in the coppers to the coffers right there!!! Emotional BLACK MAIL!!!

What do these grifters take the patriots to be?! Some bottomless pit to cough up money at will?!!

The grifters use any number of manipulations and manipulatory methods to get at the dollars! They have had a taste of it and there’s no going back, for them.

I’m just wondering if these grifters get in the can, they might see a chunk or more of their ill gotten stash disappear right before them leaving them with empty pockets. On the other hand it is a good thing to go through first hand, the hardships experienced by their benefactors, at least once in a way.

They deserve nothing but to do time – for NOT a single grifter has spoken one single word in favor of freeing the patriots languishing in DC hell holes. These grifters should be bailing the patriots out by now!

The patriots also did not commit any crimes, either. They found themselves being arrested and incarcerated for far less than what Straka pled guilty to. Straka got a hearing and lawyers. Why are the police holding these harmless patriots with no recourse to justice whatsoever?! What’s going on here? Did Straka’s strength in money numbers bring him a different outcome from that of those being held inside, indefinitely, right now?! These patriots, not forgetting, having made Straka that much richer responding to his calls to Donate, and having parted with their hard earned money to support him?!!!

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