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By Sharmini Jayawardena

We The People > Patriots > Rally Round‼️ Rally On‼️ Rally to make that change happen‼️

PEOPLE ➡️ Instagram prevented me from making  the above ⬆️ comment on my post below ⬇️

Here’s how Instagram prevented me from sharing the senate.org info a second time👇

This is how threatened mainstream social media has become, especially of late. They are going around doing what they do best, that being, cancelling all opposition, in order to support their overlords in government by deactivating, shadow banning, deleting and censoring accounts way ahead of the Midterm on November 8th 2022.

The opposition knows something has gone very wrong since not every illegal practice they put in place has succeeded to bear expected and intended results‼️

They are panicking and now they claim there’s foreign interference and this time it’s not Russia. They are possibly aiming at China‼️➡️😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

Pinterest has deactivated Leafblogazine’s account over there, saying we are spreading 👉Misinformation, Disinformation or Mal-information ‼️ This is our second account with them. They manhandled the first one so bad, that we had to delete it ourselves ‼️

Very soon what will happen is that We The People will not be able to communicate through these lame stream social media owned by Democrats and RINOs. anymore. President Trump’s TruthSocial was supposed to be out in November 2021. It has been extended to February 2022! This is our only hope.

The best method to keep connected is through the formation of #committeesofcorrespondence

Biden has failed grossly in multiple areas of saving the Country from disasters he himself along with his gang of Democrats created through “woke capitalism” and “managed decline”. Since an year, Biden has failed to keep to his promises of stopping the Covid-19 virus and putting an end to the rising border crisis of the numbers of illegal immigrants pouring into America. These were promises he made to be achieved within 100 days of having presumed his office‼️‼️‼️👉Promises NOT KEPT‼️

Contrary to the promises made, he in fact has tipped the scales badly erring on the side of failing to achieve‼️ Take a look at where Biden stands right now, one year in to his ‘presidency’ ⬇️

▪️The Supreme Court blocked Biden’s OSHA vax mandate.
▪️ Covid testing shortages are causing chaos
▪️ Inflation is through the roof
▪️ Sinema and Manchin put an end to Biden’s Back Brok bill and ‘voting rights’ resolution by supporting the filibuster rule
▪️ Retail sales dropped 19% during 2021 Christmas season
▪️ Axios, Bret Baier, Substack, made Biden failure lists for year One, and CNN called this “The Biden week from Hell”
▪️ Biden’s approval plummeted to 33% according to a new Quinnipiac poll

Leafblogazine has said on many occasions including on social media comments that we will believe a definite change is taking place ➡️When the Democrats turn against their own so called leaders. As you see, it is happening right before our eyes, however slim a margin it may be.

But, today we are here to reiterate what US representative Kat Cammack is sounding alarms 🚨 🚨 about ➡️ The so called VOTING RIGHTS BILL‼️‼️‼️

This so called Bill according to Cammack is built upon an old NASA bill which they have carved off and used the shell to introduce all of the Voter Fraud elements such as not requiring an ID to vote, illegals being given the right to vote, legalizing ballot harvesting. mail-in-ballots, drop boxes and so on‼️ It is a mash up of the HR-1 bill and HR-4 calling itself a Voting Rights bill‼️ Everything it in fact resorts to achieve is to remove the rights of the voter.

Check out congresswoman Kat Cammack’s video here.

It is a most preposterous bill that as Cammack states, where they want the filibuster done away with and is going to be made into law by Martin Luther King Day on January 17, 2022.

Since government shouted Covid-19 and changed all voting laws in states without the knowledge or consent of the state legislatures, in 2020, they want to make their egregious ideas in to law so no one can contest them. Do they seriously believe this is going to happen for them⁉️‼️ Are they so BROKE⁉️‼️

Will they succeed⁉️Not ➡️ If us, We The People patriots have anything to say in it‼️ Not by a stretch‼️

Our Founders gave us Unalienable Natural Rights by grabbing the Divine Right of Kings, off of the British, and bequeathing it upon We The People of America, a huge big deal, Not For Nothing‼️

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