What the Founders Reduced to Writing, and What We have Got Right Now

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By Sharmini Jayawardena

The Constitution in which the Founding Fathers reduced to writing, many important Rights, having agreed that all Rights are Unalienable Natural Rights passed down to us from God, is the original document. There’s nothing before or after it that has ever been given to us of such import except the Bible.

What is important about our Unalienable Natural Rights in the original document as given to us by God is that it teaches us how to live frugally. By which I mean saving your hard earned money and not wasting it to make other people rich!

Take for example the fact that the Constitution refers to the most important aspect in our lives, like it or not, that of money, only as silver and gold. There is no reference to reams and reams of printed unaccounted for paper calling them promissory notes!!!

What are these promissory notes, other than an unlimited circulation of an instrument that can wield unlimited power and unlimited chaos.

It’s a so called promise to make realize and manifest something in the future! Nothing about it all ever exists or existed in the present.

The adherents of printed paper money only wanted to create illusions for you about something that is forever in the future. Just like the banking system itself, which gives you only an illusion of being able to repay the money you have deposited, to each and every depositor, if required! This being only but a fallacy. They are aware that never will everyone of their depositors come for their money all at once. It is but only an illusion of being able to pay back that they create in our minds!

This is further promoted to us by the ‘entertainment’ they provide us, brought forth through the millions of Hollywood movies they produce today, precisely meant to keep us permanently in la la land.

The fake promissory notes to be realised in the future were all duds. Nothing real ever existed in making these promises. From there came the plastic. The bogus credit cards and loads and loads of credit card debt for those who bought into this hoax called modern day existence.

I’m happy to say I’ve never had a credit card, a bank account only coz I absolutely need one, and I settle all my dues in cash on the appointed day and time. It is a rare existence for the times we are in, and unbelievably so.

These manipulators have made the given person believe that he or she needs an x number of gadgets to live a y style of living or lifestyle. Why would you want a washing machine, a dryer and numerous other modern day adult toys of supposed convenience and entertainment, when god gave you two hands!!!

I never use the washing machine. I wash all my clothes by hand if I possibly can.

Btw, I work from my home office.

Making all my food from scratch is a joy to me. I hardly patronize restaurants and I live happily in the middle of a city with no TV set and not any form of manufactured ‘entertainment’, except for my phone. If I do watch a vintage movie, it will be on my PC. My phone provides me with information that my mind turns in to creative thought. I entertain myself mostly, by taking a listen to music, reading blogs, watching documentaries and movies when I have the time. I enjoy indulging in my hobbies.

Running around malls buying things I can’t pay for upfront today, is not my prerogative !

Walking to the wet market, the vendors whom I know by name, and purchasing my needs for cash, is something I love doing. There is no point being asset rich and cash poor, to show off to people who are just like yourself – asset rich and cash poor, themselves! It’s a hideous life to be so.

The entire idea of it and the fact of accepting it puts money in the hands of the non-deserving. It creates an excess in a commodity called money with no control, giving the right to those who created it like the Rothschilds for example to do an unlimited number of evil deeds against those who they want to manipulate.

They show the filthy lucre and tempt those who are corruptible. These minions, for example, the many foundations that have mushroomed everywhere, tempt more corruptible people in turn, to create more evil. The cycle goes on until they make sure that there will be no incorruptible people left on this planet, and all dissent will be scotched.

This is called Globalization.

When each and everyone of us has fallen prey to the filthy lucre, it is easy to manipulate these people to get done what the initial corruptible wanted done, to hand over power to them, they who made the now corrupt, corrupt to begin with.

Numerous crimes are carried on under the label of printed paper chits, calling them money. Money laundering, child trafficking, human trafficking, animal trafficking, illegal immigration, terrorism, pedophelia, (this word not amazingly doesn’t even come up as a word on my phone as I type! Why?!). That’s a good question for which I would very much like an answer.

These crimes did not exist when America and the world was being governed under the original document which honoured silver and gold, and the money that was printed was following what is known as the Gold Standard.

(Of course there was the slave trade to be more than reckoned with, no thanks to the ancestors of the present day Democrats!).

Stop The Steal happened for the first time in history when they robbed the true value placed upon our labour.

Capitalism is not the bad guy here, as they claim. What they have done with and done to our capital is what is indeed rotten.

All this was happening and nobody uttered a word coz everything was done in the name of ‘progress’!!!

New words were being introduced into our lexicography in the name of ‘progress’, which the Democrats had now rebranded themselves as – ‘progressives’. There was nothing ‘progressive’ about anything they did and do up until today. The word is a misnomer like all the other words they introduced, like racism, islamophobia, gender neutral and all those horrific gender related terms called ‘pronouns’ they have created to dominate us and control us! These are a bunch of control freaks and nothing else. They are interested in the millions! That’s all.

These ‘progressives’ introduced new subjects into the university curriculum like sociology, political science, women’s studies, human resource, the list goes on. All of them, creating pseudo knowledge, while language and mathematics is shown the way out. University studies used to be known as disciplines. These new additions to the curricula sort to make everyone who comes into contact with them – ill-disciplined!

Rioting, arson, looting, pillage, plunder, murder, terrorizing and terrorism are what these so called studies, encourage. They call them “peaceful protests”!!! What a travesty of language let alone justice!

All our lives are a whole lot of phony baloney bull shit. That’s all that it is. Sick bull shit. Shame shame shame on humanity.

Millions of paper money, millions of paper ballots, millions of fake illegal alien voters, millions of fake votes, millions of corruptible people, a virus spreading in the millions, millions of vaccinated people, millions now going into the trillions to #buildbackbeeter ??!

What do they want to build better? A hell hole that they have created for us, the masses, to whom they believe they can lie!!! Nothing else spews from their greasy mouths other than millions, billions and trillions of fake paper money, that results in fake everything through millions of LIES !!!

All that the fake paper money touches, it turns in to evil, then corrupts, and destroys!

This is all that they are concerned about! Nothing else. There’s no word about traditional values, good breeding, manner fullness, courtesy, respect, love, honor, courage, bravery, faith, faithfulness, family, community, country or god!

They have one set of rules for us, the ‘masses’, and another set of rules for themselves. They practice divide and rule in every sense of the words. They divide us many times over.

All this, while Nancy Pelosi cries out to law enforcement who comes to her mansion to investigate the ‘scene of the crime’, saying, her poinsettias were destroyed!!! Her constituents wanted to convey a message to her – you don’t belong with us. They signed off with a gift of a pig’s 🐷 head for her for Christmas of last year! Poinsettias be dammed! Nothing has changed since, except that the bogus Democrats are in charge with nothing concrete getting done in the Country.

None of the ill will or evil they perpetrate matters to them and they want us to believe in their satanism which is their ‘progressivism’!

Let it be known to these socialist Darwinist globalist elite that this fake cock is now ended. There’s going to be no more faking on this planet coz it’s the end of the road for these Satanists and that’s for sure.

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