All of a sudden

By Ginny Sophomore

…she awoke “on the wrong side of her bed”, and found to her utter dismay that she was all alone. But she felt two hearts beat as one inside of where her heart aught to be. Luckily her heart was where it should be right there on the left side of her upper torso shucked away next to her boobs.

She was humming, “strawberries cherries and an angel’s kiss in spring…”, it was not the summer but late winter and she couldn’t understand for the love of her, what was making her hum in this way.

She did not know it was a certain him that made her hum so longingly for his presence to be by her. She tried her best to communicate with him however distant he may be. She had twirled a leash towards where she knew him to exist on this planet. She wrote a poem stating she was swinging the leash in his direction. Abracadabra and he who said he had fear of flying and fear of heights, was off with the wind.

No one else could hear her hum except him whom she was thinking fervently of. He was a dear soul with a pure heart. A heart like no other. So very endearing and soft. Like a fluffy cloud that has no rain. A beautiful sign in the sky that welcomes sunshine and mist in it. No one has seen the ether, either! But it was very much there. Just because you couldn’t catch it in your palm or behold it through vision, didn’t mean it did not exist.

Ether was real and so was he. It was unfathomable to the many, but was known by the few. Therefore it was there IRL or In Real Life.

He would sing songs and while away his time like a cherub in the woods. He would play a flute sometimes. The angels would come down to listen to his wonderful voice and the beautiful notes emanating from his flute. He was indeed a luminous being.

He could make morning night and night day. Whatever happened in her life was made to happen by him. It all passed through his knowing. This was what was amazing about him. She felt this angel was sent to her by the Universe to protect her from all harm from happening to her.

She was happy in knowing it was true. This glory that shun upon her for explicitly having him in her life. A life she lived alone, yet not alone, as he inhabited every part of her habitat open to none other than him alone.

No wonder she was thinking of “…my summer wine is really made from all these things…” She longed for him to lie by her side, just like this other song sang.

What a beautiful place he had created for the two of them. It was an atmosphere of splendor where they could bask in the iridescent ethereal presence of it all, as they looked soulfully in to each other’s eyes.

This unending gaze set them ablaze while the winter wonderland around them melted away revealing a splendid aura of summer time appearing through it.

As they flew over the terrain they were witness to this most heavenly vista of a misty foreground covered in a canopy of trees with a silvery scrawl of a water body running through it as a rainbow 🌈 arched above it! The rays of the sun streamed through, revealing this most beautiful sight. Was this what is known as heaven?! She did not know for certain. He was too enamored of her to feel otherwise. They were both engulfed in this glorious paradise that was only privy to the angelic forms and angelic beings.

The two of them were looking forward to laying down there to enjoy every nuance of this glory.

“…take off your silver spurs and help me pass the time/ And I will give to you, summer wine/ Mmm-mm summer wine”

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